Oncologist lists 7 signs of the body that can indicate cancer

Cancer is a disease on the rise. The increase in the life expectancy of the population and the greater control of cardiovascular diseases make the incidence of cases increase in the population.

“It is a disease of aging. And the population, more and more, will reach longevity. With the control of cardiovascular diseases, human beings will perish less and less from evils such as heart attack, stroke, among others, however, they will suffer more from cancer”, explains doctor Wesley Pereira Andrade, head physician of the Brazilian Society of Oncological Surgery ( SBCO) and head physician of the Brazilian Society of Mastology (SBM).

The good news, however, is that scientific knowledge about the disease has evolved a lot and early diagnosis increases the chances of successful treatment. In this context, it is important that people are aware and informed about possible warning signs emitted by the body.

The doctor Wesley Pereira Andrade indicates 7 signs of the body that may be related to cancer:

1 – Lumps or nodules

Lumps or lumps on the body – such as in the breasts, armpits and neck regions – that do not disappear in three or four weeks, need to be investigated by a doctor;

2 – Persistent cough or hoarseness

Persistent coughing or hoarseness may be symptoms of lung or upper airway tumors. If the cough is frequent and the sputum is accompanied by blood, it could be lung cancer. Hoarseness, on the other hand, can denote problems in the respiratory area or larynx. Smokers and alcohol drinkers are more likely;

3 – Changes in bowel habits

Alternation between diarrhea and constipation, as well as bleeding in the stool, should be investigated by the physician to assess whether they are related to gastric or intestinal tumors;

4 – Unexplained and apparent weight loss

If weight loss occurs that is not caused by food/diet, physical activity or consumption of weight-loss drugs, it is also necessary to investigate the possibility of gastric tumors.

A survey carried out in the United States showed that unintentional weight loss was the second greatest predictor of colorectal, lung, pancreas and kidney tumors, in addition to being associated with other types of cancer;

5 – Presence of skin sores or dark spots

Skin changes, such as spots and signs, should be evaluated by the dermatologist as they may be skin cancer;

6 – Unexpected vaginal bleeding

Bleeding outside of regular dates in premenopausal women can indicate problems in the cervix or endometrium. Young people who have abnormal bleeding outside the period of menstruation should also be aware;

7 – Persistent and unexplained pain

Lung cancer, for example, can cause chest pain. Recurrent headaches can point to some brain disease and pain in sexual intercourse can be related to gynecological tumors, among others.

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