PGR authorizes reimbursement of health plan to prosecutors

The impact will be up to 6% on yields. The Ordinance provides for reimbursement of expenses with contribution and cost of the health plan to prosecutors

The Attorney General’s Office of Roraima (PGE) published a resolution in the Official Gazette of Roraima, which has the potential to increase the income of prosecutors in Roraima by up to 6%.

Resolution No. 32, signed by the Council of Prosecutors of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Roraima, opens the possibility of reimbursement of expenses that prosecutors have with the monthly contribution and cost of the health plan.

The health reimbursement will be granted to State Attorneys in effective exercise, effective State Attorneys assigned to occupy a management position or a position of legal advice in a body or entity of the State Direct Administration, Municipalities, Foundations, Public Companies and Mixed Economy Societies .

The refund refers to the expenses of the beneficiary holders and their dependents of expenses of a health nature, such as payment of monthly health plan fees, dental coverage, medical exams, consultations and other expenses incurred with health professionals, such as doctors, dentists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists, effectively carried out by State Attorneys General. Currently, these amounts are paid by PGE members and there is no reimbursement.

That is, that monthly quota that promoters and attorneys pay to have access to the health plan will now return to their earnings, up to a limit of 5 UFERRs. The value of subsidies for prosecutors amounts to R$ 35,462.22, an amount approved by Ale last December. In practice, for example, a prosecutor who receives BRL 35,400 may be reimbursed up to BRL 2,200.

“Art. 10-A. The health reimbursement is hereby instituted to the occupants of the position of effective provision of Attorney of the State of Roraima, without creating an expense to the state treasury, in the event of the existence of an individual balance resulting from the honorary amount destined to the Attorneys under the terms of art. 6, item I, any supplementation by the State Treasury (Source 100) for its cost is prohibited.”, says the resolution published in the Official Gazette.

According to the resolution, the state treasury will not bear any expenses arising from the resolution and the payment will be made automatically.

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