PM and iFood will agree to prevent robberies by false delivery men

The Military Police of Rio de Janeiro and the food delivery service iFood should soon announce a partnership to curb a wave of crimes being committed by bandits disguised as couriers. According to the Rio de Janeiro newspaper Extraa meeting would have been scheduled for next week, to outline strategies to combat this type of assault, which also occurs in other cities.

One of the actions, the publication says, could be the installation, on delivery bikes, of some security device, as was done by Uber. On Wednesday (29), the integration between the platform app and the 190 service of the PM of Rio de Janeiro was approved, after 40 days of testing in Baixada Fluminense.

The novelty, which will be implemented in the capital until July 15, consists of an alert button available in the application, which can be activated by both the driver and the passenger in emergency situations. In the case of iFood, “it would be important for the bags to have some kind of identification, such as a number linked to the driver’s license”, suggests the president of Abrasel, Paulo Solmucci, on the restaurant association’s website.

How are robberies carried out by fake iFood couriers?

Source: YouTube/Reproduction.Source: YouTube/Reproduction.Source: YouTube

The wave of robberies carried out by criminals using motorcycles and characterized as delivering iFood has also occurred in São Paulo. During actions, robbers wear vests and carry thermal bags with the company logo. The approach usually does not raise suspicion, as the victims assume it is a motoboy on delivery service.

The images of these robbers, who are usually armed and in pairs, have been captured by security cameras and shared on social media. Usually, victims are walking on the sidewalk when they are approached by the fake motoboys. One of them approaches while the other collects the belongings.

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