PM kills sister during dance at a post in São Gonçalo

Police already know who killed the 23-year-old at a gas station in São Gonçalo, this Saturday morning (2), at Rua Doutor Francisco Portela, in Camarão, in São Gonçalo.

The crime would have been motivated by a fight between sisters, and the author of the crime, a military police officer, would have presented herself at the 73th DP (Neves), after executing the family member with several shots. After presenting himself, the PM was reportedly referred to the Homicide Police Station in Niterói, Itaboraí and São Gonçalo (DHNISG).

The girls’ father was with some family members at the place, but very shaken, he preferred not to talk to the press.

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According to residents, the police officer got out of the car, visibly disoriented and with the pistol in his hand, attacked with several shots the sister who had no chance of defending herself. After the crime, she even moved the young woman’s body to confirm that she was dead.

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“We are scared of what happened. She committed the crime in front of everyone. When she walked towards her sister with the pistol in her hand, I just thought it would intimidate her. I didn’t think she was going to shoot. She kept twirling the pistol. She even shot twice against the wall. Luckily, no one else was hurt.”

In a note, the Press Office of the Secretary of State for Military Police reported that “in the early morning of Saturday (07/02), the 7th BPM team (São Gonçalo) was called due to a homicide involving a military police officer in a gas station in the Camarão neighborhood, in São Gonçalo. At the scene, the fact was verified. The team was informed that, after an argument, a military police officer fired a firearm at her sister, who died on the spot. The military police officer was taken to the Homicide Police Station of Niterói, São Gonçalo and Itaboraí (DHNSG), where the incident is ongoing. The firearm used by the police officer was seized. Military Judicial Police (4th DPJM)”.

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