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Karoline Menezes, Mussunzinho’s companion, in ‘Power Couple Brasil’, is being criticized by Hadson Nery’s team for having had a very homophobic speech when talking about the ex-BBB in confinement. Karol referred to Hadbala as a ‘faggot’ and the former player’s social media administrators soon issued a statement of repudiation..

In the statement, the team included a personal statement from Hadbala: “I was raised and raised under the same roof as a sensational gay guy (my mother’s brother). Our relationship has always been the best possible, but I remember as if it were today the daily prejudice he suffered and that sometimes spilled over to me because I was constantly with him. However, I didn’t even care, because I was very young and didn’t really understand the gravity of it. Today, my audience, for the most part, is homosexuals and I am very proud”, says the ex-BBB’s statement.

Then the team repudiated Karoline’s speech: “In light of this and the events that took place on the Power Couple program on July 1st, we reject the narrative of participant Karol, who calls Hadson a ‘faggot’. It should be noted that homophobia is a crime. Homosexuality is neither a crime nor a disease.

Finally, he emphasizes again that homophobia is a crime and must be fought: “The Federal Constitution, more precisely in Article 3, deals with the promotion of the good of all, without prejudice of origin, race, sex, color, age, sexual orientation , gender identity and any other forms of discrimination. Such homophobic attitudes must be vehemently repudiated.”

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After Hadson and Eliza returned from the DR, last Thursday night (3), tempers flared and the former BBB got into an argument with Karol and Mussunzinho. Hadbala even called Karol an ‘asshole’ and the two fought each other screaming.

The whole beef started after Mussunzinho, now a former ally of Eliza and Hadson, accused Hadbala of saying that supposedly Brenda and Matheus would have made a deal to win the program. The actor also said that Hadson himself would have confided that he also received such a proposal, but that he would have refused.

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