“Said you would help me”

Finally, it will be this coming Sunday (3/7) that Brazil will hear for the first time, from Luva de Pedreiro himself, his version of the story that impacted everyone. The influencer gave an exclusive interview to journalist Roberto Cabrini, for Domingo Espetacular (Record TV). In one of the reports, he says that he had no idea about the existence of an absurd clause of R$ 5 million for breach of contract with Allan Jesus, his former manager.

“I was tricked. He [Allan Jesus] he said he would help me, but nothing came out, he stayed the same”, he replied to Cabrini, who in turn also questioned him about the contract signed with the company. I didn’t know about this R$5 million fine, I didn’t know. I didn’t know about this business. I found out now”, confessed the young Bahian.


See an excerpt from Luva’s interview with Cabrine!

As mentioned above, the interview with Luva de Pedreiro will air on Domingo Espetacular, starting at 7:45 pm. The case gained national repercussion from a detailed investigation of this column, which exposed numerous situations in which Iran, aka Luva, was the victim of promises made by the former businessman, Allan Jesus.

Glove of Pedreiro, since its explosion on TikTok and its international projection, has never managed to close a big contract, even being very targeted by brands. His bank account, since then, had a turnover of only BRL 7,500 – a subject also exposed in this space exclusively.

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