São Paulo sends official letter to Conmebol for expulsions in South American

Still impacted by the three expulsions in the victory over Universidad Católica-CHI, for the South American Cup, São Paulo filed a complaint with Conmebol, the entity that governs football in South America, a complaint against the arbitration of Uruguayan Christian Ferreyra.

Although they left Chile with a 4-2 victory in Santiago, Tricolor had Igor Vinicius, Rodrigo Nestor and Calleri expelled. Dissatisfied, the board of the club from São Paulo formalized in a document also sent to the CBF and the Paulista Federation the complaints about the performance of the referee of the match.

In the text, São Paulo contests all expulsions. The São Paulo allegation is that the two yellow cards received by Calleri and the two yellow cards that Igor Vinícius took were, in the opinion of the board, exaggerated. In the case of Rodrigo Nestor’s expulsion, São Paulo points out that the Chilean team player would have tried to kick Nestor before being hit by the tricolor midfielder.

Another complaint from the São Paulo club is about the arbitration criteria, considered disproportionate. Citing data from the match, São Paulo claims to have received more warnings (11, eight yellow cards and three red), than they committed fouls (10) throughout the game against the Chilean team.

In the document, signed by President Julio Casares, director Carlos Belmonte and the club’s legal department, Tricolor still questions the summary presented by the arbitration. For São Paulo, the referee lacked a report on the objects thrown on the left side Reinaldo, who had to be protected by an employee of the Chilean stadium with an umbrella so that he would not be hit.

Finally, São Paulo asks Conmebol to take measures so that situations like the one that happened in front of the Catholic University do not happen again.

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