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Nubank announced on Wednesday (29), the creation of a new functionality. Find out about Pix scheduling and how to do it!

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Last Wednesday (29), Nubank announced the creation of a new resource for its customers. This is the Recurring Pix Scheduling.

Thus, with the new function, users of the digital bank can program their payments via Pix directly through the roxinho app. At this first moment, the function of scheduling the Recurring Pix will only have a monthly frequency. That is, if you usually make transfers every two weeks, for example, your case will not be covered. To learn more about using the new feature, see below.

Nubank will allow Pix appointments: here’s how to do it

Thus, according to Nubank, the novelty will be released gradually to its customers. However, it should soon be available to everyone. The idea, according to Nubank, is to facilitate people’s daily lives through the new feature. It is worth mentioning that the implementation will be done both for the common digital account and for the PJ accounts.

In addition, another novelty announced by Nubank is the Boletos Finder. This function allows users to discover all bank slips issued in their CPF or CNPJ. The idea is to provide agility, in addition to offering account holders greater financial control. It is also a way to control possible scams using your personal data in boletos.

Finally, the Nubank app also alerts its users each time a new boleto is generated with their data. This also includes electricity, gas, etc. The function, like the Recurring Pix, will be available in the “Payment Assistant” area.

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