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In addition to being one of the most beautiful voices in Brazil, she is also a composer, instrumentalist, producer and owner of a unique musical style (and timbre).

Today (1st) is the 55th birthday of Marisa Monte, born in Rio de Janeiro, but adopted as a muse by Brazil.

His professional career began in Rio’s nightlife, in bars, in the mid-1980s.

She was lucky enough to be “discovered” by another musical genius, Nelson Motta.

As usual, Ecad (an entity that collects and distributes copyrights in Brazil) scoured its database (one of the largest in the world) to measure what Marisa de Azevedo Monte represents in numbers in MPB. And she represents A LOT.

Marisa has 164 songs registered, and they have been covered by other artists 731 times.

In the last 10 years, almost 75% of its royalties income came from radio, TV and concerts.

The 10 most played songs by Marisa Monte in the last 10 years in Brazil.

You will notice that one of his first and biggest hits, “Bem Que Se Quis”, is not on the list.

The reason is that this masterpiece was not written by Marisa, by Nelson Motta.

1 – Good – Marisa Monte / Arnaldo Antunes
2 – Where Do You Live – Marisa Monte / Nando Reis
3 – Old Childhood – Davi Moraes / Pedro Baby / Marisa Monte / Carlinhos Brown / Arnaldo Antunes
4 – After – Marisa Monte / Arnaldo Antunes / Carlinhos Brown
5 – Amor I Love You – Marisa Monte / Carlinhos Brown
6 – Words in the Wind – Marisa Monte / Moraes Moreira
7 – Don’t Go Away – Marisa Monte / Arnaldo Antunes
8 – I Still Remember – Marisa Monte / Nando Reis
9 – I already know how to date – Marisa Monte / Arnaldo Antunes / Carlinhos Brown
10 – On the Road – Marisa Monte / Nando Reis / Carlinhos Brown

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