Sincere, Sonia Abrão makes fun of seeing Patrícia Poeta deliver flowers to Fátima Bernardes: “always together”


Presenter of ‘A tarde é sua’ disdains the scene starring Fátima Bernardes and Patrícia Poeta

Photo: reproduction of the official Instagram Patricia Poeta
Photo: reproduction of the official Instagram Patricia Poeta

On the afternoon of this Friday (01), during the broadcast of the program ‘The afternoon is yours’ from the broadcaster TV network!with presentation of Sonia Abrama journalist once again gave something to talk about when reacting with mockery about the moment when Fátima Bernardes passed the baton to Patricia Poeta at the program ‘Date’ gives Rede Globowhich aired earlier this morning.

Recently Abram had already criticized the tribute produced by Rede Globo in celebration of the ten years of the program. During the ‘The Afternoon is Yours’, Sonia Abram followed the broadcast of the Rede Globo and saw the moment when the new presenter entered the stage with a bouquet of flowers. Sonia then reacted with surprise and fired: “Wow, it was always together, right?”

With an air of debauchery, the presenter of RedeTV! said that due to the climate that was happening behind the scenes of the neighboring station, the farewell was a success because nothing escaped the expected: “It was the most that could be achieved. Miracles didn’t work, especially in the way that things had been developing up to that moment. The people at the top must have given thanks to God.she said.

Among the comments of journalisthad barbs even for the production for having chosen a black costume for Fatima Bernardes: “Guys, it’s a farewell, not a mourning! She had to be in a happy color, she could be in white, blue, green, red, anything that gave life. Now black, for a farewell, it seems something that is not full of hope, that there will be a new stage, that a cycle is just ending and that things will continue in a good way. I didn’t like this story about black people, and I love black people, for me I would only be dressed in black”.

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