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Car that would have been hit by the ve
Car was damaged after collision with Corolla earlier this Saturday (2) (photo: Juarez Rodrigues/EM/DA Press – 7/2/22)

Minas Gerais state deputy Gustavo Santana, from the PL, is suspected of having been the protagonist of a traffic accident in the early hours of this Saturday (2/7), in Belo Horizonte.

Witnesses to a raid that took place in Bairro Cidade Jardim, in the Center-South Region, said the Military Police saw the parliamentarian leaving alone, and with signs of intoxication, from the car that collided with a vehicle parked on Rua Cambuquira.

The PM was called by residents of the street shortly before half past midnight. When they arrived at the scene, the police heard a woman say that she was the driver of the car that hit the stopped car. She then took the breathalyzer test, which did not show the presence of alcohol in her blood, and presented her National Driver’s License (CNH).

The car hit a Ford Fiesta, belonging to driver Fernando Henrique Souza Lopes. Warned by neighbors of the problem, he told the State of Mines to have arrived on the scene and seen Santana, alone. “He said he was wrong, that he would take care of the problem and that he was no bum,” he said.

The witnesses, however, assured the officers that Santana, when leaving the vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, showed a card with the information of his mandate and promised to bear the costs generated by the accident. The state deputy didn’t have a driver’s license and refused to blow the breathalyzer. Signs such as red eyes, however, indicated to officers that he may have been drinking moments earlier.

According to the reports provided by the PM, the woman would have arrived at the scene in another vehicle, after the collision. “I saw her arriving with a Ford Ka”, reinforced Fernando Henrique, report.

O IN made telephone contact with Santana, but still did not get a response. Text messages have been sent to him and two members of his cabinet to see if there is a position on the case.

driver wants repair

The accident caused damage to one of the rear wheels. Part of the bodywork was also hit. The impact made the vehicle move for about five feet, arriving in silence. The move also compromised other wheels.

After the breakdowns, Fernando Henrique puts hopes in the insurance he was about to renew, but awaits the contact that he claims was promised by the state deputy. “He said that everyone makes mistakes and that yesterday he made mistakes.”

The region of Cidade Jardim where the case took place called by residents of Vila Querosene.

Deputy Gustavo Santana, from the PL
Gustavo Santana state deputy in Minas (photo: Willian Dias/ALMG)

the deputy

Gustavo Santana is 43 years old. He is one of the 77 members of the Legislative Assembly since 2015. In the last election, he received 36,573 and ranked 59th overall.

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