The Boys reveal the tragic truth behind Black Noir

The latest installment in the popular Amazon Prime Video series, The Boys reveals the tragic truth behind Black Noir’s scars.

In last week’s episode we saw noir slash his tracker on his arm and then disappear, apparently scared of having to face the Soldier Boy, and now we know why.

Black Noir reappeared back in a place called Buster Beaver’s, a broken and rusty parody of the themed restaurant Chuck E. Cheese. As he is sitting there, the restaurant’s cartoon mascots appear out of nowhere and start talking to him.

Although it is not said, the series leaves in the air that Black Noir keeps that diner in his mind (and hallucinates the characters there as his subconscious and memories) because it was the last place he was happy as a kid before his powers of the Compound V manifest.

While sitting in the old restaurant, the Buster Beaver gang from his hallucination begins to re-enact what happened in Nicaragua and what the “failed mission” was like.

Nicaragua’s flashback reveals that the injuries sustained by Black Noir, as seen in episode 3 and which included a large gash on his head and scars on his face, were all caused by Soldier Boy.


the boys is available on Prime Video.

Based on the comic books of the same name, the series is the creation of Eric Kripke and follows a CIA superintendent who closely monitors a community of superheroes as their celebrity status has corrupted them and caused them to engage in behavior. reckless acts that compromise the world. Some of the characters are parodies of members of the Justice League.

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