those who miss the DASN deadline may be left without the health plan

The individual microentrepreneur (MEI) who missed the deadline for delivering the Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional (DASN-MEI) remains pending with the Federal Revenue. To make matters worse, the MEI can even lose the health plan. The deadline for the declaration ended last Thursday, 30.

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The declaration is the way for every individual micro-entrepreneur to inform the billing during the reference year. It is also the accountability of whether or not the MEI had an employee, for example. Failure to provide such information within the deadline can harm the micro-entrepreneur in several ways.

DASN and the MEI health plan

By the rules of the Federal Revenue, even those who did not issue an invoice in the year 2021 have the obligation to make the annual declaration. It is one of the main commitments of the MEI.

The situation is further complicated by the risks involved in missing information on time. The MEI that missed the DASN deadline runs the risk of losing the health plan.

In other words, coverage is compromised and the MEI can be taken by surprise when it most needs it. For example, when seeking medical attention.

Losing your health plan is a way to prevent a very common practice. Many Brazilians open the registration as MEI with the sole intention of being able to hire a collective health plan.

The problem is that the person forgets all the other commitments that involve the formalization of a deal. That is why the individual micro-entrepreneur who fails to be accountable to the IRS may lose his health plan.

Anyone who fails to deliver the DASN within the deadline pays a fine. The minimum amount is R$ 50. It is necessary to pay the slip to eliminate the pending issue. To access the document, you must enter the Simples Nacional Portal or the MEI application.

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