Truckers ‘refuse’ R$ 1 thousand voucher and ‘PEC das Bondades’ must go to the STF

Leader of the category in Congress, deputy Nereu Crispim defends judicialization of the text approved by the Federal Senate and says that the proposal is a ‘tabajara pedaling’ to circumvent electoral law

Cleia Viana/Chamber of DeputiesFederal Deputy Nereu Crispim (PSL-RS)
Deputy Nereu Crispim argues that there are other more effective instruments to improve the situation

O The Federal Senate approved this Thursday, 30th, the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) for Fuelswhich, among other things, creates the “Pix Caminhoneiro”. The new social program provides for the total allocation of R$ 5.4 billion for the distribution of vouchers to autonomous transporters, with a monthly value of R$ 1 thousand. The objective of the proposal, defended by the government and also validated by the opposition parliamentarians, is to mitigate the effects of the recent rise in diesel for the Petrobras, which has a direct impact on the freight price and, consequently, affects the entire product chain. However, although it is seen as a positive among senators, the carrier category refuses the aid and plans to trigger the Federal Court of Justice (STF), judicializing the approved Constitution Amendment Proposal (PEC) and demanding new solutions. “They are trying to circumvent the electoral law. We will try to prevent this tabajara pedaling. They criticized so much the [governos] previous years and are providing assistance for truck drivers”, said Nereu Crispim (PSD), federal deputy and president of the Truckers Parliamentary Front.

The main argument for filing an action against the matter is the use of the emergency decree to make the new income transfer programs viable. The mechanism is considered an “electoral maneuver” by the government, since the creation or expansion of social benefits is prohibited in an election year, except in situations of public calamity or emergency in the country. THE Young pan, Deputy Nereu Crispim argues that there are other more effective – and constitutional – instruments to improve the situation of the category. He says it’s up to the president Jair Bolsonaro fulfill the promises made in the 2018 elections, when it received the support of the category in defending the end of the Import Price Parity (PPI), which has not yet happened. “There is a very high level of discontent, a feeling of betrayal”, says Nereu, reinforcing the revolt of the category, which “rejects” the monthly voucher.

In addition to considering the emergency decree an unconstitutional measure and defending the change in the calculation of fuel prices as a solution, Nereu Crispim mentions that the R$ 1,000 voucher is an “alms” that does not meet the requests of truck drivers and even was built with the demands of workers in mind. As Jovem Pan showed, the basic account made by transporters is the division of the monthly benefit amount, which is R$ 1 thousand, by the price of a liter of diesel, which is R$ 8.63 on average. The result is that with the proposed voucher it would be possible to pay for 115 liters of fuel, enough to drive less than 300 km per month. In addition, the requirement to register with the ANTT to receive the benefit is also criticized, as it will harm the most vulnerable workers.

“It’s another blatant lie to find a solution close to the elections, it’s an electoral project”, concluded Nereu Crispim. THE Fuels PEC — which evolved into PEC das Bondades after including a voucher for truck drivers and expansion of Auxílio Brasil and the gas voucher — was approved in the first and second rounds of the Federal Senate this Thursday, 30th. In addition to the voucher for autonomous transporters, the proposal it also creates a social benefit for taxi drivers, expands Auxílio Brasil and Auxílio-Gás payments, allocates resources to States to offset the price of ethanol against gasoline and guarantees free public transport for the elderly. In all, the social package adds up to R$ 41.25 billion to be committed.

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