understand condition that took Wesley Safadão away from the stage

Wesley Safadão will need to temporarily leave the stage due to a herniated disc. The singer’s team released a note informing the removal:

“Safadão was diagnosed with a herniated disc between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, with narrowing of the vertebral canal and significant compression of the neurological structures within this canal. He will be hospitalized for intensive treatment and will remain at rest until further medical evaluation. For this reason, out of respect for everyone who follows his work and especially to preserve his health, shows scheduled until July 6 will be cancelled. We appreciate everyone’s love and understanding and we will remain in prayer for his speedy recovery and return to the stage.”

Last weekend’s performances were also canceled due to the singer’s spine injury. He complained of pain on Friday (24/6), and declared that “it even hurts to sing”.

Herniated disc impacts

The neurosurgeon at Hospital Albert Einstein and Rede D’Or, Wanderley de Cerqueira Lima, warns of the impact that back pain has on personal and professional life, a condition that affects millions of Brazilians.

“Lumbar pain is a frequent cause of trips to the emergency room and also of frequent absences from work, as happened now with singer Wesley Safadão, who had to be absent from appointments, and concerts to treat his spine”, he says. According to information from the Ministry of Health, low back pain, or low back pain, is the biggest cause of absence from work among Brazilians.

But the impacts go beyond daily obligations. As the specialist explains, living with a herniated disc can cause great physical damage – and even financial. “Treating these problems only brings benefits to the individual and to society as a whole”, highlights the doctor.

What can cause lower back pain

Many people experience lower back pain at least once in their lives. According to Lima, the causes for the discomfort can be:

  • Muscle stretch;
  • Lumbar disc obturation (which loses the cushioning function between the vertebrae, which can compress the nerve);
  • Osteoarthritis (reduces spinal canal space);

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