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It is not yet known whether the Formula 1 starting grid at Silverstone will be on a wet track, but the third and final free practice of the British GP, on Saturday morning (2), had a dry track so that the drivers tried to recover. the wasted time of one FP1 where there was almost no movement on the track, exactly because of the water. In conditions closer to normal, Max Verstappen was the one who finished in the lead for Red Bull.

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And it wasn’t with a shadow: it was with leftovers. From the moment of the first timed lap, already 20 minutes into practice, Verstappen was never threatened. He always had absolute control of the situation and only saw someone approaching when he was out of the track for a long time. When he took a new turn, he always opened in the vicinity of 0s5.

The result and the way it came, with an undaunted performance, puts Max Verstappen as a big favorite for pole in the standings soon. Sergio Pérez still came together at the end and put the other Red Bull in second place, although 0s410 behind. Charles Leclerc was third for Ferrari, 0s447 slower.

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton put the two Mercedes W13s in sequence and ahead of Carlos Sainz, Friday’s leader. Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas, Mick Schumacher and Fernando Alonso closed the top-10.

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Max Verstappen favorite to take pole? (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)
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Check out how LT3 went:

The start of the Formula 1 Saturday, which will end with the definition of the starting grid for the British GP, was with reasonably sunny skies and, despite the low temperature, no sign of rain. The forecast is that the sky will close soon, but that only time will show. Before F1 cars on the track, Formula 3 had already made an appearance with the Isack Hadjar’s sprint race and victory by overtaking Victor Martins at the end of a French battle.

With only 16ºC of temperature, the challenge for the drivers in FP3 would be to warm up the tyres, especially as it is the hardest range possible of Pirelli tires at the weekend – and thus the range with the least grip.

As the clock pointed to 8 o’clock [de Brasília, 12h locais], Alpine rushed to send its two cars to the track. Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon started on the softs and soon recorded fast laps. AlphaTauri sent Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda on the hard tires, C1, and retired after an installation lap each. Exactly the same thing happened with Aston Martin, with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll. Situation to warm up these tires was quite complicated.

Sebastian Vettel was the first to take the track in FP3 (Photo: Aston Martin)

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Although Ocon and Alonso did a quick lap on the soft tyres, McLaren duo Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo did better even using the mediums. But Charles Leclerc soon appeared also using the softs and clocked 1min29s452 and the first half – with Carlos Sainz close behind. It was the first lap of under 1min30s of the day, but still far from Sainz’s lap of under 1min29s on Friday.

Sergio Pérez emerged with the second half after a lap of red tyres. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell followed suit and entered third and fourth, ahead of Sainz. The W13 was still proving to be competitive at the Silverstone track, as it had been on Friday. After 15 minutes, Max Verstappen was still not on the clock.

Meanwhile, Ocon continued on the track almost uninterruptedly and had already reached ten laps in practice. Despite the soft tyres, the impression was that he was not taking a qualifying pace test. Leclerc, at the front, in turn, had 1min29s021 on the lead.

It was just past the 20-minute mark that Verstappen completed a fast lap. And it was in style: the best lap of the weekend. The Dutchman clocked 1min28s541 and jumped to 0s480 ahead of Leclerc as the official F1 TV broadcast showed actor Keanu Reeves’ smiles in the Aston Martin pits. James Marsden was shown in the sequel, while the English Sky Sports broadcast claimed that Tom Cruise was also somewhere on the circuit.

Positive highlight of the training was Williams. With updates to Silverstone that excited the drivers on Friday, Alexander Albon appeared in the top ten, while Nicholas Latifi was 12th and close.

Alexander Albon is excited about Williams’ England updates (Photo: Williams)

For Mercedes, even better than the performance was Russell’s warning: “car is not jumping”. Was it the dream of those involved?

Verstappen recorded time again and updated the lead by setting 1min28s498. Leclerc was 0s362 behind and Sainz was close to his teammate, but both were behind Hamilton after 30 minutes of the session. Halfway through practice, Verstappen, Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz, Russell, Pérez, Alonso, Guanyu Zhou, Mick Schumacher and Stroll formed the top ten.

The beginning of the second half of practice began to show more clouds in the sky, but less willingness to do fast laps on the track. The track was still full, but now the tests were of a different order. The only one who took advantage of the next ten minutes to fly was Russell, who jumped to third. Did Mercedes have more qualifying speed than Ferrari?

With just over 15 minutes on the clock, Leclerc began to show that this was probably not the case. The Monegasque was only 0s002 slower than Verstappen and was back in second, but Max would go further. With 1min27s901, he disappeared again, putting almost 0s5 on Leclerc. Pérez then pulled over and went to second.

It would be the last of the first places laps. From then on, only car adjustments but no new flying laps. Verstappen led the training session with Pérez in second and Leclerc in third. Who spent the most time on the track was Stroll, owner of 26 spins.

F1 2022, British GP, Silverstone, FP3:

1M VERSTAPPENred bull1:27,90118
twoS PEREZred bull1:28,311+0.41021
3C LECLERCFerrari1:28,348+0.44721
4G RUSSELLmercedes1:28,426+0.52521
5L HAMILTONmercedes1:28,488+0.58724
6C SAINZFerrari1:28,689+0,78821
7L NORRISMcLaren Mercedes1:29,102+1,20120
8V BOOTSAlfa Romeo Ferrari1:29,185+1,28420
9M SCHUMACHERHaas Ferrari1:29,510+1,60921
10F ALONSOalpine1:29,520+1,61920
11AND OCONalpine1:29,552+1,65124
12S VETTELAston Martin Mercedes1:29,593+1,69225
13G ZHOUAlfa Romeo Ferrari1:29,752+1,85117
14ALBONWilliams Mercedes1:29,780+1,87922
15P GASLYAlphaTauri Honda1:29,885+1,98423
16L STROLAston Martin Mercedes1:29,892+1,99126
17Y TSUNODAAlphaTauri Honda1:30,039+2,13822
18DRINCIARDMcLaren Mercedes1:30,293+2,39221
19N LATIFIWilliams Mercedes1:30,489+2,58816
20K MAGNUSENHaas Ferrari1:30,523+2,62219

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