Wesley Safadão is discharged after being hospitalized for herniated disc; see cautions – 07/01/2022

Singer Wesley Safadão was released from the hospital after two days in hospital due to a problem with his spine. According to the artist’s press office, he was diagnosed with degenerative spondylodiscopathy of the lumbosacral spine. The term refers to wear on the disc in the lumbar region.

Safadão canceled a series of shows after experiencing severe pain in his lower back. On Instagram, he showed that he needed help from his wife, Thyane Dantas, to get on a plane, and he traveled lying down to relieve the discomfort. Before performing in Paraíba, he underwent a massage session.

herniated disc

Within medicine, the term hernia refers to any organ or tissue that comes out of place. The disc, which is the part of the spine that moves in cases of herniated disc, is a structure that is between the vertebrae and works as a shock absorber that absorbs the impact of spinal movements.

The discs are made up of a gelatinous core and have a harder outer part. When this cover breaks, the material inside “leaks” and puts pressure on the nerve structures of the spine, which generates an inflammatory process and pain.

The two ends of the spine are the regions most likely to suffer from a herniated disc. “There is a greater pressure, a greater biomechanical requirement”, explains André Tsai, orthopedist, acupuncturist and president of the Brazilian Medical College of Acupuncture. “They’re like a hinge on a door, more flexible regions,” he says.

Causes and prevention

One of the main causes of herniated disc is aging and the problem is usually more common in people over 45 to 50 years old. Over time, the discs wear out and generate, in addition to the hernia, problems such as parrot’s beak and osteoarthritis.

In the case of Wesley Safadão, who is 33 years old, the cause may have been traumatic, such as a bad attitude when making some movement, or due to posture. “He may have made a stronger effort and then suddenly he cracked,” says Tsai.

According to the orthopedist, the position that most requires the spine, according to more recent studies, is sitting. “Researchers measured disc pressure and saw that when we were lying down, the pressure was lower, while sitting, it was higher,” he says. Therefore, many young people can also suffer from a herniated disc, especially those who spend a lot of time sitting, such as drivers or people who work in offices. “One hour [o disco] can get out of place,” warns Tsai.

The doctor points out that obesity can also cause spine problems, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle. There is still some research going on trying to understand the genetic components behind back problems like herniated discs.

The best way to prevent a herniated disc is to move your body. If the person spends many hours sitting, the ideal is to get up and stretch every hour. “Getting out of a sitting position helps a lot in prevention”, says the orthopedist. It is also important to maintain posture, to keep the spine as straight as possible, if you need to bend down or lift weights. Another way to prevent the problem is by strengthening the central muscles of the body, called the core, in addition to the region of the pelvis and pelvis.


Wesley Safadão needed to be hospitalized. Tsai explains that hospitalization is indicated when the pain caused by a herniated disc is very intense and difficult to control with oral medication. “You need stronger medications to remove the inflammation and they are administered in a vein”, says the orthopedist.

Hospitalization cases do not necessarily become surgical cases. Surgery is only indicated when there is a progressive impairment of muscle sensitivity and strength, according to the doctor. In some severe cases, a herniated disc can even compromise the control of the sphincter, which is the musculature that controls the elimination of feces and urine.

Milder cases can be resolved with rest, physical therapy, pain medications and acupuncture. “The hernia can be absorbed by the body itself; especially among young people, it is reversible”, says Tsai. “But if Wesley Safadão doesn’t prevent himself, he may have new episodes in the future.”

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