Wesley Safadão is discharged and will maintain a rest routine at home: ‘Controlled pain’ | Ceará

Singer Wesley Safadão was discharged this Friday (1st) after receiving treatment for a herniated disc. According to the artist’s publication on social media, he will keep rest at home.

“Receiving discharge from the hospital now. Pain controlled and now it’s time to continue resting at home. Thank you for all the messages of affection”, he said, on Instagram.

On Saturday (25), Safadão had canceled shows that would take place due to the disease, known to generate a lot of pain and even lead to incontinence problems.

Wesley Safadão reported suffering pain due to a herniated disc, which made it difficult for him to breathe. — Photo: Reproduction

The singer’s mother, known as Dona Bill, also posted on social media asking her son for prayer. “I entrust my son’s recovery in God’s hands. God knows he loves to sing and delight. I ask prayer for his health to all fans, friends and family. May he soon be on stage doing what he loves to do, sing and enchant”, wrote Dona Bill.

Diagnosed with a herniated disc between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, with narrowing of the vertebral canal and compression of neurological structures, Safadão informed in the statement that he will be hospitalized for intensive treatment and will remain at rest until a new medical evaluation.

Safadão and his mother Dona Bill — Photo: Reproduction

In a video posted on social media on Saturday (25), the singer reported feeling a lot of pain due to a herniated disc.

“Sometimes, it’s a silly movement, a simple thing, that locks the spine and, when it locks… Guys, I cried. Tears came out of my eyes. I didn’t even want to, but it was a lot of pain”, said the artist.

Also according to Wesley Safadão, the condition caused him difficulties regardless of whether he was standing or lying down. “To sit was bad, to breathe is bad. And then to sing we need to be breathing”.

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