What does your favorite food say about your personality? Do the test

If there’s anything better than eating, it certainly hasn’t been presented to us yet. While you have to eat to survive, we elevate the food experience to absolute pleasure, so everyone has that favorite dish. Yes, the same one you know you would eat for the rest of your life.

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But did you know that more than filling your belly with food, your brain with joy and most likely your veins with cholesterol, your food favorite can say things about your personality?

At least that’s what our game here today will try to prove. And it will be simple. We’re going to mention a dish and give you a description of what your personality is like, so you can tell us later if we nailed it and if that food really suits you or not.

First you must choose your favorite dish from the options in the image below.

test food

Now that you’ve chosen the option that most caught your attention there, it’s time to see if it really suits you.

Option 1: the seafood platter

If you prefer seafood, you undoubtedly chose the most expensive dish there. In addition to revealing eccentric tastes and a little “salty” for the pocket, it also shows that you are someone passionate about freedom of choice.

This means that you are totally against routines that are too repetitive and monotonous, in addition to not being a big fan of limitations in your choices. These questions make you one of those people who like to travel, get to know realities different from yours and always be getting out of the bubble.

Option 2: the spaghetti

If you chose pasta, in addition to having more humble tastes, you must be a person who takes care of others. You know that guy who pays attention, listens, cares and is still helpful?

Not only do you enjoy sharing your moments with the ones you love, but you love having them share their moments with you! You are certainly the first person to congratulate someone and be happy for the achievements of others.

Option 3: the roasted chicken

Sex jokes aside, if you chose roast chicken it’s because you’re definitely the type of person who always has loved ones around you. Family and friends are constantly at the table with you, making your ideal life model to have good people to share laughter and moments with. unforgettable.

This doesn’t mean that you have lots of friends, but that the ones you do have are the ones you would trust with your life. And in that scenario, you want distance from envy.

Option 4: the lasagna

If you’ve chosen the classic lasagna, not only does it taste good, it also means you’re more of the reserved type. Not just anyone will know about your emotions, as you have a controlling streak that prevents you from exposing yourself to anyone.

You’re also the type who believes in hard work and will focus to get where you want to be.

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