Will the STF have the courage to stop the “PEC kamikaze”?

Will the STF have the courage to stop the “PEC kamikaze”?

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In an article for crusoe, Carlos Graieb comments on the approval of the “PEC kamikaze” —or PEC of the electoral emergency— in the Senate yesterday, by an overwhelming majority, and asks if the STF (photo) will have the courage to use the existing legal arguments to overthrow it.

“The STF is frequently criticized, including by this website, for its excessive activism. A decision against the PEC will go in the opposite direction: it will respect the limits of the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF) and the electoral legislation, reaffirming prohibitions that politicians want to trample (that of spending above the spending ceiling and that of not creating income transfer programs in an election year).

It is certain like sunrise and sunset that government politicians will attack the Supreme Court if the PEC is judged unconstitutional. They will probably say that the court is interfering in politics once again – this time, penalizing the poorest population with absolute insensitivity. (…)

If the STF is urged to analyze the PEC and decide against it, it will make an unpopular decision, but with strong bases in legislation. (…). But I don’t put so much faith in court.”

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