Woman is murdered at a dance at a gas station in São Gonçalo, video!

The incident took place on Saturday morning in the presence of several people.

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A young man, still unidentified, was murdered this Saturday morning (2), at an illegal dance that took place at a gas station, in the Camarão neighborhood, in São Gonçalo.

According to witnesses, the dance on Rua Doutor Francisco Portela, which began at dawn, was interrupted by shots fired at the young woman around 7:50 am.

According to witnesses, the crime would have been committed by another woman who arrived in a black car and headed towards a young man. The woman fired several shots at the victim, who succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene.

Young didn't have a chance to defend

Young didn’t have a chance to defend | Photo: Disclosure

“The woman got out of the black car very drunk. She fired several shots at the girl and even moved her body to confirm that she was dead. It’s not the first time we’ve had crimes here. These dances had stopped, but yesterday, I believe it was the beginning of the month, this street was crowded and many young people gathered there”, said a resident.

Author: Disclosure

The Military Police were called and guarded the place. According to the PM, the location has a camera and should help in identifying the suspect. The Homicide Division of Niterói, Itaboraí and São Gonçalo (DHNISG) will investigate the case.

Author: Disclosure

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