5 series that were born from the Super Nintendo and possibly you didn’t know

A large number of franchises emerged through the Super Nintendo, a fact that many users seem to be unaware of. Based on that, we decided to bring you the 5 best series that originated on the console.

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Check out the 5 series that were originalized on one of the most famous consoles of the brand:

1. “Yoshi’s Island”

“Yoshi’s Island” was a game that ended its career on the Super Nintendo, but managed to prove that it could generate a great profit for the company. Although some users didn’t really like the proposal to consider the game as a sequel to “Super Mario World”.

However, the production managed to work with the idea in a very fun and interactive way.

2. “Mario Kart”

With a slightly different approach than the public was used to, the game “Mario Kart” was not about saving princesses, but about stepping on the accelerator.

Not to mention that, in this production, there was the option to disrupt your opponent, a feature that at the time was something new and different.

3. “Star Fox”

Like the other titles already mentioned, “Star Fox” was one of the games that Nintendo used to enter the space genre, a theme that had been introduced not long ago.

And it was to be expected that it would be a success. In it, there were interactive and fun characters, directly conquering the audience.

4. “Donkey Kong”

In a constant war to find out who could produce the most dynamic and beautiful graphics, Nintendo decided to bet all its chips on “Donkey Kong”.

The moment it arrived in stores, users were amazed at the ability of a 16-bit console to be able to reproduce such incredible graphics. Not to mention the fun soundtrack.

5. “Breath of Fire”

Considered a classic, the game “Breath of Fire” managed to bring individual field skills to each character and the modification of the protagonist in dragon. Resources that would later be used when producing the series.

There were two games on the 16-bit console, with the second taking a more serious approach, addressing issues such as death and corrupt religion.

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