Advisor says Bolsonaro has access to Federal Police documents

Jair Bolsonaro, president of Rep.
Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Republic (photo: Isac Nbrega/PR)

At a time when President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is involved in yet another episode of alleged interference with the Federal Police, the special advisor for International Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic, Filipe Martins, stated that the Chief Executive has access to documents from the Agency Brasileira de Inteligencia (Abin) and the PF, which, in theory, are confidential. The statement was made in an interview with the Cara a Tapa channel on YouTube.

“I, as an advisor, tend to voice my disagreements internally. I think it’s discourteous and inelegant for me to come here and say, ‘No, in that episode I said this. And that was done.’ Once he closed the issue, so is my role. make his position work. He’s the guy who has the big picture and has information that I don’t have,” he said.

“He is talking to the military in a way that I am not. He is receiving intelligence reports from Abin and the Federal Police in a way that I am not,” added the advisor.

Filipe Martins is one of the names closest to Jair Bolsonaro and has good traffic in all wards of the government. He was also one of those responsible for the ideological alignment between the president and Steve Bannon, the former strategist of Donald Trump.

In the same interview, he also denied the existence of a government hate office. The Federal Supreme Court (STF) investigates suspicions of a network specialized in disseminating fake news.

“There is no hate cabinet. I’ve been told that I formulate strategies, that I keep robots, that I keep a lot of things. I don’t have time for that, because of the demands of my job. The hate cabinet business is a This is very serious, because this has been used by the opposition and the Judiciary to destroy people’s lives,” he said.

alleged interference

President Jair Bolsonaro has already been involved in two episodes of alleged interference in the work of the corporation. In the first, in 2020, the former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro stated that the Chief Executive wanted to change the Director General of the PF to have access to confidential intelligence information and reports.

Now, suspicions revolve around the case of former education minister Milton Ribeiro. In recordings authorized by Justice, he claimed to have been warned by Bolsonaro about the search and seizure of the PF – which resulted in his arrest.

The Correio contacted the Secretary of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic and the Federal Police, but received no response. The space remains open for manifestations of those involved.

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