Alexandre Frota was married to Claudia Raia and dated Marisa Monte

This week, a statement by Claudia Raia in “Saia Justa” (GNT) had a lot of repercussions after the actress exposed that singer Marisa Monte lost her virginity to Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP). The statement generated criticism and Claudia apologized.

The actor and federal deputy who started his career with heartthrob status has already had a relationship with both, having even been married to Raia in the 80s.

But with whom else Frota has already lived romantic relationships? come on splash gathered a list with some names!

Claudia Raia

Claudia Raia and Alexandre Frota got married in December 1986 in an almost chaotic ceremony: she had to lie down from the hotel to the church due to the size of her hairstyle; her veil was 18 meters; there were 10,000 people around the Candelária Church in Rio and one of her shoes was stolen by a fan.

To top it off, Claudia’s mother, Odette, even made one last request for her daughter at the church door. “My daughter, do not marry. This man is not for you.” The marriage lasted three years.

“A person who marries at the age of 18 [Claudia, na verdade, estava com 19] do not think. I say it was a daydream, but it was a delicious daydream. I fell in love and got married, no one put a knife to my throat forcing me, quite the opposite”, commented the actress last year in an interview with Patrícia Kogut, from “Jornal O Globo”.

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Claudia Raia and Alexandre Frota

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Marisa Monte

In an interview with “Love Treta Podcast”, presented by Rafael Cortez, last year, the federal deputy (PSDB-SP) revealed that he dated Marisa Monte in the 1980s, but that he never commented on the relationship.

“I met Marisa Monte many years ago, in Rio, doing a play by Miguel Falabella, the ‘Rocky Horror Show’. She was my girlfriend, nobody knew. for a while. I stayed at her house for many years, in Urca. She already sang a lot at that time and did the Falabella musicals”, explained Alexandre Frota.

1 - Leo Martins/O Globo Agency - Leo Martins/O Globo Agency

Marisa Monte would have lived a relationship with Frota in the 80s

Image: Leo Martins/O Globo Agency

Adriana Bombom

The affair with Adriana Bombom was revealed in his biography “Identidade Frota – A Estrela e a Escuridão 5.0”, released in 2013. He said he had an affair with the actress, dancer and presenter in the early 1990s.

“It was Eleanor [Côrrea, diretora e irmã de Faustão] who invited me I closed a small fee contract per program and started to share a bench with Amin Khader and Adriana Bombom, with whom I had a quick affair in the early 90s, then we became friends,” he wrote, according to the R7 portal.

At the book launch in Rio de Janeiro in October 2013, Bombom covered the event on “TV Fama” (RedeTV!). “You’re in the book, you know?”, said Frota, when Adriana wanted to know why. “Oh my dad, what am I doing?”, she asks. “Then you read”, replied Frota.

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Alexandre Frota and Adriana Bombom, in 2013

Image: Reproduction/ RedeTV!


Who also did not escape Frota and had a relationship with the actor was the journalist Fefito, columnist for splash. At least according to the actor, a fact mocked by the journalist in a text published here.

Years ago, Frota said that he was with Fefito for three years, after the journalist made a critical text of a humorous special directed by the actor. “Fernando, the fact that I had sex with you for 3 years and I don’t want it anymore, doesn’t give you the right to ruin things”, wrote Alexandre Frota on Facebook in 2014.

The story was denied by Fefito – who was married at the time – and years later Frota apologized to him.

1 - UOL - UOL

Fefito is a columnist for UOL

Image: UOL

Daniela Freitas

Frota was married to Daniela Freitas from 2000 to 2003. When he was about to launch the book in 2013, he went to “Programa do Raul Gil” (SBT) and said he didn’t take his hat off to her.

“Daniella is one of the women I’ve loved the most in my life. We had a strong relationship and I ended up loving it. I helped professionally, knocked on the doors of broadcasters. But when she knew she would be in my book [“Identidade Frota: a estrela e a escuridão”], declared that he was ashamed of her past with me. Ingratitude hurts a lot,” said Frota.

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Daniela Freitas is a Brazilian model, presenter and dancer who was married to Frota from 2000 to 2003

Image: Disclosure

Nubia Oliver

With Nubia Olliver, Frota had a relationship in the 1990s amid many controversies. In interviews, she has already assumed that she miscarried when she became pregnant with him and that he was married at the time, but was fighting with Dani Freitas, his ex-wife.

“He had a very troubled relationship with Dani. Whenever they fought, he would look for me and we would stay. We had very good chemistry. One day I found out I was pregnant with him. it wasn’t serious. I told him I was going to have an abortion and he supported me,” Nubia recalled in an interview with EGO in 2016.

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Alexandre Frota and Núbia Ólliver at the launch party of “Playboy”, in 1993

Image: Reproduction

Dani Sperle

The Brazilian model even got engaged to Frota, but the relationship came to an end in 2010, months before the wedding, over the phone.

“He wasn’t even a man to come here to talk to me. He called me last night and said he couldn’t do it anymore and that he would only come back to the house when I left the apartment we live together. I think to end a relationship that way, on the eve of the wedding it’s because he shouldn’t know what he wanted for his life”, she said in an interview with the former website EGO at the time.

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Dani Sperle

Image: Disclosure

Marília Gabriela

In the biographical book, the current politician said that he also had a relationship with the presenter and journalist Marília Gabriela in one night. She assumed what had happened.

“This really happened. It happened 20 years ago. I believe we all have memories and Alexandre does not escape this rule. He wants to tell what he lived and that’s it”, she shot in an interview with the R7 portal in 2013.

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Marília Gabriela

Image: Playback/ Instagram @gabi_mariliagabriela

Elida L’Astorina

And the cases he commented on in his book does not stop there. Another name that came up was that of the Brazilian actress and voice actress Élida L’Astorina, who was a young lady in the soap operas of the 1980s. “, says Frota, according to R7. The two were part of the soap opera “Livre para Voar” (TV Globo), from 1984.

1 - Playback/ TV Globo/ IMDb - Playback/ TV Globo/ IMDb

Élida L’Astorina in a photo on her IMDb profile

Image: Reproduction / TV Globo / IMDb

Fabiana Rodrigues

Since 2011 Alexandre Frota has been married to fitness muse Fabiana Rodrigues, known today as Fabi Frota. They have two children: Bella and Enzo. In her Instagram biography, Fabi informs that she is the Musa do Carnaval 2022. UOL at the Anhembi Sambadrome.

1 - Reproduction / Instagram @ fabifrota77 - Reproduction / Instagram @ fabifrota77

Alexrandre Frota and his wife, Fabiane Rodrigues; they have been married since 2011

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @ fabifrota77

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