Analysis: Corinthians has a worse performance with Vítor Pereira before the decision against Boca | Corinthians

It was a hit. Patched up, disjointed and with several kids, as Vítor Pereira usually calls the boys, Corinthians faced Fluminense in a Maracanã with 44,000 people, took an undeniable 4-0 and left Rio de Janeiro crestfallen. But there is no time for lamentation.

There will be two days of training until the trip to Buenos Aires, on Monday. And, on Tuesday, a huge decision (worth a spot in the quarterfinals of Libertadores) against Boca Juniors at Bombonera. Boca that, with reserves in the Argentine Championship, also took a 3 to 0 – from Banfield, at home.

With a list of absences that grows with each game (there were ten against Fluminense), the coach set up an alternative team, leaving names like Róger Guedes, Giuliano, Fábio Santos, Adson, Mantuan and Raul on the bench. The top five entered after halftime, when Corinthians was already trailing 2-0.

Róger Guedes and Fábio Santos regret the defeat to Fluminense — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

The atmosphere at Maracanã, for those who like football, was incredible. For the opponent, a lot of pressure. Situation that may have influenced the poor performance of the boys. Defender Robert Renan, 18, did not do well in the set-piece goals that Timão conceded. Guilherme Biro and Giovane couldn’t play naturally.

But the grown-ups also failed. Júnior Moraes, at the beginning of a still difficult trajectory for Corinthians, gave a shot on goal and nothing else. He missed domains and couldn’t practice pivot well. Robson Bambu, another who has been missing, missed the ball for the third goal. And Giuliano, to crown the night, gave the ball as a gift in Fred’s goal.

Manoel and Júnior Moraes in Fluminense vs Corinthians — Photo: Andre Durão

Apathetic, Corinthians was easily overcome by Flu, in the worst performance of the Vítor Pereira management. Days later, by the way, of the best of the exhibitions, a 4 to 0 against Santos, at Neo Química Arena.

But there are glaring differences between the teams that started the matches. At Bombonera, if the medical department allows it, Corinthians will take to the field a team a little closer to the ideal.

If they manage to improve their technical level, Corinthians can face Boca Juniors, as they did in the first half of Bombonera in the first phase, in a 1-1 draw. A similar result takes the decision to penalties.

It is necessary to shake the dust, leave behind the marks of the rout and focus on what matters: it’s Libertadores week, it’s a decision against Boca Juniors. The result at Maracanã cannot cause consequences.

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