Brazilian goes viral after giving a hilarious and “very graphic” answer to Portuguese TV about the situation at Lisbon airport: “Arrested without pooping”; watch!

The exhibition…it has no limits! Lol Pernambuco comedian Abdiás Melo went viral this Saturday (2), after giving a hilarious interview to a Portuguese television channel about the situation at airports in Lisbon. He was approached by the reporting team while he was trying to reschedule the flight he would take to Recife (PE), but was canceled a few hours before boarding.

In the video, the man shared, with even more detail than the reporter expected, what was happening after the mishap. “My angel, I’ve been wearing the same underwear for six days, I haven’t showered, I stink, absurd! My armpit is stinking and they do nothing”, said. The speech drew laughter from the people around him, as cueca in Portuguese from Portugal means female underwear.

“They don’t do anything, they just don’t do anything! They simply say: ‘Let’s solve it’. Then take a flight, give boarding pass, cancel. Give a flight, boarding pass, cancel. I can only poop at home. I’m stuck without pooping”, he added. The journalist soon interrupted Abdiás. “Thank you. A very graphic image of this passenger’s situation.”said. Check out the full video below:

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As soon as it hit the web, the video provoked several reactions from netizens. “I suffer with the change in his accent from Portuguese to Brazilian”said one of them, playing with the change in the comedian’s way of speaking at the beginning of the video. “Man, what I laugh the most is that underwear in Portugal is female underwear”commented another. “I’m laughing my ass off, but with respect”wrote a profile. “The way the girl looks when he says he’s been wearing the same underwear for days”noticed a user.

And there were also people who went to the networks to praise the reporter’s posture during the interview. “How did the journalist not laugh?”asked an internet user. “The journalist deserves an award for not breaking down laughing at the time”said another. “Reporter did very well with the ‘very graphic image’”, shared one more.

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