Corinthians wins Mirassol and maintains leadership with 100% success in Paulisto Sub-17

Corinthians visited Mirassol this Saturday, at Estádio Municipal José Maria de Campos Maia, for the second phase of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-17. The alvinegra team beat the hosts by 1 to 0, with a goal from Ruan.

The two teams played a fiercely contested match with few clear scoring chances. The only goal of the game was scored by Ruan, in the 22nd minute of the final stage. Shirt 18 took advantage of the leftover coming from the right side and put the ball to the back of Mirassol’s nets.

With the result, Corinthians moved to the leadership of its group in an isolated way, with nine points added in three games played – 100% success. Mirassol, with six points, appears in sequence, followed by Brasilis and Grêmio Novorizontino.

In the second phase, it is worth remembering, the 32 remaining teams are divided into eight groups with four members in each. The teams play in turn and return, classifying the two with the most points.

Write it down, Faithful! – Timãozinho’s next appointment will take place on Saturday next week, July 9th. On that occasion, again at 11 am, the team will face Mirassol again, this time at the Alfredo Schurig Stadium, known as Fazendinha.


Coach Guilherme Dalla Déa had two important absences to assemble the starting lineup in this morning’s duel. Cases of Breno Bidon and Wesley, who needed to serve the main category of Corinthians this weekend.

Thus, Timão went to the field with the following lineup: Felipe Longo; Victor Oliveira, André, William and Caipira; Gabriel Moscardo, Bahia and Adrian; Vitor Robson, Guilherme Henrique and Roberto.

On the bench, the alvinegra team had nine other players: Matheus Roger, Matheus Rocha, Kaio, Yago, Enzo, Rafael Venancio, Ruan, Miguel and André Luiz.

The game

First time

The first half of the match was quite truncated, with both teams looking for spaces in the opposing defenses. Without much creativity, the chances that took more danger were in attempts of shots from outside the area.

The first finalization of the match took place on the visitors’ side, Corinthians. At the time, at the seven-minute mark, the alvinegros risked a kick from outside the area, but the ball passed far from Lacerda’s nets.

Three minutes later, Timão took the risk again and arrived in danger for the first time. The play started with shirt 2 and ended with a strong finish from shirt 8. Mirassol’s goalkeeper, however, got the better of it and avoided the Corinthians goal in his stadium.

In the next move, at 11, it was the turn of the home team to arrive aggressively in the alvinegro defense field. In a move coming from a side, Hugo sent a bomb, which ended up being stopped by the defense of Timão.

Packed, Mirassol went again to try to reach the Corinthians networks. ‘Hungry’ for a goal, Hugo took a risk from afar in the lower right corner of the goal and this time was stopped by a good save by goalkeeper Felipe Longo.

After both teams stopped for hydration, at 29, Corinthians tried to take a risk again from outside the area. Then, after a mistake in Mirassol’s ball out, shirt 9 had the chance to open the scoring for Timão, but ended up getting tangled up in the shot.

The last dangerous move of the first half was in the 31st minute. In a move that started on the left side of the field, Corinthians had one more opportunity to open the scoring, but Mirassol’s defense was precise and appeared to block the ball at the end of the field – in the small area.

Second time

The postures of the teams little changed after the break. Mirassol even gave small scares to the Parque São Jorge club, but nothing marked. Corinthians, in turn, was more effective, took advantage of the surplus with forward Ruan and left with the three points of the match.

In the first five minutes, Corinthians and Mirassol used their usual weapons again: submissions from outside the area. First, at four, it was Corinthians’ turn with the number 7 – the ball went to the baseline. Then, the home team gave its answer, which was defended by Felipe Longo.

At eight, Gabriel Bigoto, from Mirassol, worked the ball from the right side, left one of the Corinthians players on the ground and almost didn’t give assistance for the first goal of the match. The home team still tried to amend a shot on goal, but again Felipe appeared to save Timão.

Mirassol, however, had the clearest chance to open the scoring at the 12-minute mark of the complementary stage. At the time, Gabriel Bigoto crossed and, in front of the goal, Hugo ended up wasting the finalization – kicking weakly on top of goalkeeper Felipe Longo.

The goal that gave the victory to the Parque São Jorge team came in the 22nd minute. In a play started in a side kick, forward Ruan, who was called by the coach in the second stage, took advantage of the leftovers and went to the back of the net.

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