Doohan wins F2 race 1 in England. Fittipaldi 3rd and Drugovich 5th – Formula 2 News

Jack Doohan received the flag to win his first in F2 (Photo: Reproduction)


The Formula 2 weekend sprint race at the British GP, held on Saturday afternoon (2), at Silverstone, started on a wet track. The pilots bet on starting with tires for the wet track, even though the rain itself had stopped. From then on, the race had a very difficult part of the track and then drier. Who knew how to balance better to win was Jack Doohan.

In reality, Doohan ran over. The Australian driver started in fourth place and quickly showed that he had the fastest car on the wet track with the blue tyres. Even pressured by Ayumu Iwasa, he attacked Jüri Vips until he took third place.

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After that, overtaking Jehan Daruvala and Enzo Fittipaldi was less difficult. By the end of the seventh lap, he was already in the lead, never to be threatened again, even from afar. It’s Doohan’s first win in the category.

With Doohan, Iwasa was in tow and finished in second place. Fittipaldi even led the race for a brief moment after passing Daruvala, but he finished third. It’s his second podium of the season.

Championship runner-up Théo Pourchaire finished fourth, while leader Felipe Drugovich was fifth. Also scoring, in that order, were Frederik Vesti, Logan Sargeant and Daruvala.

On Sunday, the start of the Formula 2 weekend’s main race is scheduled for 6:05 am (GMT-3).

The start of the F2 sprint race at Silverstone (Photo: Reproduction)
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Check out how the sprint race went:

If the Formula 1 qualifying, which ended an hour earlier, had a lot of rain and a completely wet track, Formula 2 already had a different situation for the start. The precipitation stopped when the clock pointed to 1 pm (from Brasília, 5 pm local time), but conditions were still very wet. The drivers bet on starting with tires suitable for the wet track.

For safety, race direction triggered two presentation laps and a moving start instead of the traditional standing start. Jehan Daruvala defended the position with ease, while Enzo Fittipaldi remained in second position.

Fight for position? The first real came for eighth place. Frederik Vesti dared and attacked the championship leader, Felipe Drugovich, at the exit of the Wellington straight. Drugovich played hard, but his rival was very fast and, as the leader of the competition, he didn’t want to risk too much for an eighth place.

Further back, Jake Hughes made the overtake to take 13th place from Dennis Hauger. Vesti accelerated to annoy Theo Pourchaire too. In the top positions, the situation was of everyone threatening and being threatened, practically. Jüri Vips was approaching Fittipaldi, but he felt Jack Doohan coming. Doohan, meanwhile, had Ayumu Iwasa on his tail. Iwasa had an advantage over Liam Lawson, but Pourchaire annoyed Liam and suffered with Vesti.

Especially the fight for third place, between Vips, Doohan and Iwasa was acute. The three even shared corners, but, at least for the first four of 20 laps, nothing changed. It was exactly on the fifth spin that Doohan went on the attack midway through the Maggots and Becketts streak to take third place.

Iwasa overtakes Fittipaldi at Silverstone (Photo: Reproduction)

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At the end of the lap, change in leadership. Fittipaldi charged Daruvala in the last corner before the pit straight and swung around the front to take the lead and take control of the race.

Vesti managed to leave Pourchaire behind, while Drugovich approached the Frenchman, his great rival for the title so far. Iwasa finally got the better of Vips to take fourth place. The race was pretty lively so far.

After losing first place, Daruvala’s pace dropped. A lap later, Doohan and Iwasa attacked and easily left the Indian behind. Doohan was flying in the race and quickly arrived to threaten and pass Fittipaldi – who passed outside the corner. He was the new leader of the race.

So much movement made it almost impossible to understand everything that was happening. Lawson was involved in a touch when threatened by Vesti, something that broke the wing of the Red Bull Academy driver’s car. Vesti lost the position to Pourchaire, but Lawson had to pit. Pourcharei even benefited from a Vips mistake to win fifth place.

After ten laps and half the race, Doohan was leading by 3s6 seconds over Iwasa, who had passed Fittipaldi, now in third. Daruvala, Pourchaire, Vips, Vesti and Drugovich scored, while Logan Sargeant and Hauger closed the top-10.

Drugovich overtaking in Vips (Photo: Reproduction)

Doohan was heading for a quiet victory forward, but behind the fight continued. Vesti and Drugovich passed Vips, the Brazilian was in a beautiful movement, while the Estonian was still punished with time for disrespecting the limits of the track. Sargeant thus rose to eighth place.

The thirst for the pot dropped, too, because the drivers would have to go to the end of the race with the wet tires they started with, but the track was already in much better conditions. The wear and tear was clear.

From there, gaining positions was all about skill. Marcus Armstrong did it against Hauger, taking tenth place. And Drugovich also left Vesti behind and climbed to sixth place. Pourchaire was approaching Fittipaldi from the podium.

But Pourchaire did not pass. Drugovich, yes, left one more behind: Daruvala. The Indian’s pace was shattered by the tire conditions on the final two laps. In addition to Felipe, Jehan also fell to Vesti and Sargeant.

F2 2022, British GP, Silverstone, Sprint Race, Final:

1J DOOHANvirtuosi20 laps
3AND FITTIPALDICharouz+16,722
6F DRESSART+26,830
7L SARGEANTcarlin+28,284
8J DARUVALAprice+36,291
9M ARMSTRONGHigh-tech+38,699
10R VERSCHORtrident+43,770
11J HUGHESVan Amersfoort+44,611
12J VIPSHigh-tech+48,113
13C NOVALAKPM+49,448
15D HAUGERprice+55,235
16D BECKMANVan Amersfoort+58,703
17C WILLIAMStrident+1:06,077
18THE CALDWELLfields+1:06,411
19C BÖLÜKBASICharouz+1:21,711
20L LAWSONcarlin+1:35,025
21M SATOvirtuosiNC

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