FBI suspects hackers use deepfake to trick companies and get US jobs – News

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the American federal police, reported, last Tuesday (28), an increase in complaints from people who are applying for jobs using videos manipulated from the use of the deepfake and even voice simulators. These features make it possible to pretend to be someone else in a video call or recording, for example.

Suspicions of using technology to deceive companies began when recruiters noticed that some candidates had strange expressions when they coughed or sneezed.

“In these interviews, the actions and movement of the lips of the person being interviewed on camera do not completely coordinate with the audio of the person speaking. Sometimes actions such as coughing, sneezing or other auditory actions are not in line with what is presented visually.

After investigating the cases, the FBI identified that candidates from other countries used personal data stolen from Americans to be hired. The vacancies had to be remote work and preferably in IT areas.

Initially, it was suspected that these people would not be able to get a job in the US because they were foreigners and therefore used the deepfake in the interviews. Investigations, however, point out that the most likely reason is that hackers adopted this strategy to gain access to confidential information of companies and customers.

The FBI disclosed that many openings were for positions with access to confidential employee or customer data, as well as corporate financial information. As a result, hiring these fake employees could leave companies vulnerable to major data breaches and leaks.

US officials are asking tech employers to file cases when they suspect strange activity.

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