Grooms say they were harmed by a wedding company in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

Customers of the Bluemoon company, which specializes in celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, complain that they were harmed. They claim that, even having paid for the performance of the weddings, the ceremonies were not performed.

The case was published by Ancelmo Gois’ column in Globo.

In a note, the company says that it faced difficulties with rescheduling parties because of the pandemic and supplier readjustments. And he informs that he is “trying his best to comply with all the services contracted by our couples and clients”.

Among the victims are the couple Júlia and Lucas Valente. They had their wedding scheduled for this Saturday (2) and discovered three days earlier that some suppliers had not been paid.

The couple paid BRL 50,000 to the Bluemoon company last year to organize the party.

“Thursday, we received a call from our ceremonialist saying that she contacted some suppliers and they discovered that they had not been paid yet”, says software engineer Lucas Valente. “So, that’s when the despair started. We got in touch. We called more than 60 times and we didn’t get any response from them.”

In exchange of messages with one of the partners of Bluemoon this Friday (1), he collected the contracts and proof of payment. The partner said that the house was confirmed and that “they were running with the decoration”, but that the buffet, estimated at R$ 24 thousand, would have to be paid for outside.

Lucas insisted on asking for proof of payment for what he had hired and asked if they would fulfill their part of the contract. He had no further response.

To make the party, the bride and groom paid the suppliers outside.

“It was an unbelievable situation, we were in pieces, and yesterday we had to perform a miracle. Thanks to our family, our friends, their help, we managed to close the deal with the same suppliers”, he explained. “Because the cake, for example, they had already made our cake, they had already made our sweets, they had already made everything for us. But they were not paid. So, there was no guarantee that we would actually have our wedding today. did, so it was yesterday, after the scare, so much crying of the news, we decided to close everything from the outside. We closed everything from the outside. So we ended up spending even more than the price we paid with Bluemoon.”

“It’s sad. And we’re only going to continue with our wedding today because of our family and friends who love us so much and everyone was ready to help us because if it was up to Bluemoon we wouldn’t have anything.”

Lucas and Julia are not alone in this agony. A group in a messaging app was created with 250 participants.

In this group are also Carolina and Gustavo. They signed to Bluemoon last year and are getting married in October. Concerned after learning of the various cases of default, they unsuccessfully try to reach the company.

“I tried to get in touch with the owners, right? Because, when I got in touch with the Bluemoon ceremonial, she replied that they told the ceremonial representatives not to talk to the customers, to the bride and groom, that they would talk to fiance to fiance. And they didn’t get in touch with us, they didn’t answer our calls, [não] responded to our messages”, said analyst Carolina Fires Resende.

On social media, suppliers warn that they will break a contract with Bluemoon.

The decorator Andrea Ramos was hired for a wedding held yesterday. She said that just over half of the amount for the service was paid.

“About, between 10 and 11 thousand [reais]. I only received part of the decoration fee because the wedding increased the number of guests and they had an extra to pay for Bluemoon. Automatically, the ceremonial made a maneuver so that the payment of this surplus was directed to part of the decoration, for us to advance some reservations and some things, because the payments were happening very late”, said Andrea.

Complaints on the Internet

This Saturday morning (2), there were five complaints against the company on the website “Complain here” – most related to events already paid for and with no prospect of realization.

There were also complaints from suppliers and people who worked at events held by the firm but were not paid.

One of the injured brides lives in Europe.

“Like many Bluemoon brides, I’m another one that has 80% of my wedding paid for in December and it looks like the group won’t comply with the contract. I live in Ireland and closed my contract with them last year to 12.30.22. As my fiance’s family lives in Italy, this would be the only date available for us to gather our families and friends for our dreamed and planned moment with lots of love and effort”.

“However, about three weeks ago this dream became a doubt when our ceremonialist informed us that there were rumors that the company was not paying the suppliers… Yesterday the bomb went off. I sent messages and they did not respond. He replied saying that he hopes that one day we can forgive him. How? Forgive a person who is destroying dreams?”

Also in “Complain here”, another bride told her situation:

“We closed the contract last year. A little over a month ago, we made a final payment to add more guests. After we sent the receipts, we had no more answers from the company. They disappeared and didn’t communicate anything. ceremonialist warned us”.

On its website, Bluemoon calls itself the largest celebration company in Brazil. Also on the website, the firm guarantees to hold its events in nine famous venues in Rio and two in São Paulo.

The party house owner and businessman who spoke to g1 was approached by Bluemoon to attach his business to the company. However, he chose not to accept the proposal.

“I found it strange that they had so many party houses during the pandemic, when the sector was in the midst of a crisis. I thought a lot and, in the end, I decided to refuse the proposal”.

O g1 contacted the Civil Police to find out if there was already an investigation into the situation. The institution’s press office stated that it would need the registration number or the names of the victims to carry out a search and inform if there is an investigation in progress.

O g1 also got in touch with one of Bluemoon’s partners. He sent a statement from the company, in which he says that he faced difficulties with rescheduling parties because of the pandemic and supplier readjustments.

See the full statement.

“bluemoon goes public to officially respond to the news and articles that have been coming out about the company in recent days.

We are an events company, with 5 years of experience, specializing in the wedding market. There is no other activity of the company, other than just events. The information about the pyramid is false, and does not even match the company’s field of activity.

In 5 years, the company grew and stood out in the wedding market in Rio, reaching more than 10 event spaces under its management, including the main party houses in the city. It is worth mentioning that the spaces currently managed by bluemoon are not owned, they are rented spaces or in partnership with their owners. Spaces that made history in the city’s events market, and that their names, their stories and their traditions are infinitely bigger and more important than the name and history of bluemoon.

Like the rest of the world, we go through and suffer from the coronavirus pandemic. We were one of the first segments to close and the last to be allowed to return with its operations, but we decided to go through this whole situation with our heads held high, cherishing for the health and livelihood of our employees, and for the peace of our couples and customers, who were forced to reschedule their weddings. Almost 100 weddings were rescheduled, some of them 2 or 3 times.

With the return of events, and the very high volume of weekly parties, on average 8 parties per weekend, some challenges began to appear, the main one, the readjustment in the values ​​of contracts that were closed before and during the pandemic. Even with the difficulties, bluemoon has been complying with all its events, trying its best to fulfill all the services contracted by our couples and customers. There were almost 300 events held in this first half of 2022 alone.

The last few weeks have been even more challenging for the company, with the last week being even more difficult with the decision of suppliers and service providers to issue communications in which they stated that they would no longer provide any service to bluemoon, which naturally generated a great shock. in our customers, and consequently generated all the latest articles and reports, which took us completely by surprise, mainly due to the amount of untruths mentioned.

We are in difficult times, we can in no way deny this reality, and we know that our couples and clients are suffering even more than we are, with all these insecurities and uncertainties, and it is for them and their families, all our sincerest apologies. for all this trouble.”

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