Highlight of Pantanal, Julia Dalavia surprises by revealing her sexuality: “I like people”

Julia Dalavia surprises by revealing details of her sexuality in an interview; Look

The actress Julia Dalaviaone of the highlights of wetland, surprised fans by talking openly about his sexuality. The 24-year-old has stated that she is bisexual and is very quiet about her intimate life.

She said that she does not cling to labels and that she is usually interested in the essence of people.

“I try to take the focus off it, because it’s something very natural. Whether I’m bi or not, straight or not. I like people, who I identify with and connect with. There are so many nice people in the world, that I don’t know if I can fit into something or in another”, told the newspaper O Globo.

In the conversation with the publication, she also reacted to Guta’s drama in the 9 o’clock soap opera. In Bruno Luperi’s plot, the character discovers that her father has a second family.

“It’s very annoying to hear about this from third parties. I dealt with it the way I know how, which is dialogue, but I would prefer that this kind of thing be brought up and resolved within the relationship. My wish is that the truth always reveals itself”she assessed.


success in wetlandthe actress Julia Dalavia seems to have found a new suitor. is that the interpreter of gutta was caught kissing with the actor João Vithor Oliveira in a little bar in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

According to the newspaper Extrathe lovebirds didn’t bother to hide anything and appeared in the greatest atmosphere of romance in the outdoor area of ​​the place.

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