How to disable contactless payment in the app?

How to deactivate Banco Inter’s contactless payment? Check out how to do this through the app or Internet Banking

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In this article, we are going to talk about a very simple function within the Banco Inter application: the payment by approximation of your credit card. This is called the function contactlesswhich is already active on all cards, when you order.

In addition, with it, you can make payments just by approaching your card to the machine, and without the need for a password, depending on the amount. However, many people find this an unsafe option, and would like to know how to disable it. So, for the answer, check out the following.

How to deactivate the payment by approximation of the Banco Inter card

Thus, according to information from Banco Inter, it is possible to deactivate the payment by approximation of your credit card. This is a security measure built into the app. Thus, it allows you to block the Contactless function for credit and debit purchases through Internet Banking or APP. To do this, it’s quite simple. Check the steps below.

Through Internet Banking

  • Access the “Card” option;
  • Click on “Consult Cards” in the menu;
  • Disable the “Approach Purchases (contactless)” function.

Finally, within your Banco Inter app

  • Access the Cards menu on the app’s homepage;
  • Click Settings;
  • Select the “Card” option;
  • Disable the “Approach Purchases (contactless)” function.
  • And ready! Whenever you want, you can activate the function again and use it on your card!

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