In line at the vet, dog comforts stranger who said ‘last goodbye’ to his dog

In June, Tiffany Caudill, owner of the dog Dylan, witnessed a touching scene with her pet and a stranger.

The resident of Sparta, North Carolina, United States, took the animal to the vet for booster shots, but he did more than that, he also helped a man through a difficult time.

According to Tiffany’s publication, the man went to the same veterinary clinic accompanied by a young boy and the family dog ​​who appeared to be in poor health, tired and weakened.

The younger man accompanied the dog to the euthanasia procedure, while the older man sat in the waiting room extremely sad and desolate.

It was then that Dylan sensed he needed a little cuddling, walked over and rested his head on his legs.

“For about 20 minutes Dylan sat with him and that guy just chatted with him and shared stories with me about past dogs he’s had. I think Dylan knew exactly what he was doing,” Tiffany wrote in the post. .

The post touched more than 16,000 members of the group where the story was shared and garnered around 890 comments.

“What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing,” commented one netizen.

“God bless this cute little dog. He knew where he was needed that day!” commented a second.

“Thanks, Dylan. A labrador comforted me when I lost my beloved Jesse 20 years ago. Thanks again,” Christine reported.

The owner was proud to have such a caring and sensitive pet with the feelings of others, surely Dylan’s attitude helped the man in that difficult time.

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