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A rumor about a new Instagram update that would show who visited your profile has been stirring the internet since Wednesday (29). The rumor arose from an image published on Twitter, in which it was possible to see the function attached to the “Activity” tab, a space that today gathers information such as likes, comments and friend requests. The news, however, was not confirmed by Instagram and, to the joy of stalkers, it is nothing more than a joke. The information was revealed by the author of the tweet, who explained the origin of the image in a video published on TikTok this Friday (1).

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The viral post is authored by the youtuber and streamer Goularte (on Twitter, @g0ulaarte) and, according to him, it came as a joke to give people a “stoop”. “What if I pretend there’s an Instagram update that you can now see who viewed your profile? [Era] Just a little joke, just to give a little support, nothing harmful to anyone”, said the video content creator published on his profile on TikTok. In the report, which accumulates more than 505 thousand likes and 12.1 thousand shares, he explains how forged the screenshot and reveals his astonishment at the repercussion of the print.

Instagram will not show who has visited your profile; understand how the rumor of a new update came about — Photo: Getty Images

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How did the rumor about Instagram come about?

To forge the print, Goularte first researched the font that Instagram uses in the application’s texts. “Then I did a very basic edit in, I don’t know, about five minutes”, explained the youtuber. Knowing that the montage was not perfect, he crossed out some of the text in red, in order to make comparisons with the real parts of the image difficult.

Print that went viral on Twitter shows the “Activity” tab of Instagram informing the number and identity of profile visitors — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Afterwards, Goularte tweeted with the caption “Bro, what about Instagram that is now showing if you visited someone’s profile? My God, how am I going to stalk?” and added the fake print. In the video, the content creator says that he went to lunch after publishing the post and, five hours later, when he returned, the publication already had more than 33 thousand likes and had reached more than 500 thousand people, who despaired of the possibility of the Instagram “snitches” on stalking.

Alleged new Instagram update stirs up users

The concern was such that users turned to Google to try to verify the authenticity of the information. Data from Google Trends, a tool that monitors searches in the search engine, show that there was a sudden increase in searches for the term “Instagram shows who visited your profile” on Wednesday (29), the date on which the rumor went viral, and that the subject continued in high in the following days. The search for “new Instagram update” also grew by 3,900% in the last week.

Searches for “Instagram will show who visited your profile” emerged on Wednesday (29) and shook the web in the following days, according to Google Trends — Photo: Reproduction / Google Trends

The repercussion of the matter, published in a series of news portals, scared Goularte, who preferred to delete the tweet. “I didn’t want it to go that far and I was afraid people would get mad at me so I deleted the tweet,” the creator said.

In the comments of the video on TikTok, Goularte’s followers reacted with surprise and good humor to the report. “I can’t believe it! So it was you!”, said a follower. “Oh my God, I fell straight,” confessed another person. Some also praised the youtuber’s creativity. “CONGRATULATIONS GOULARTE, CONGRATULATIONS 👏👏👏👏👏”, commented one user.

Is it possible to know who visited my profile on Instagram?

For now, those who like to take a peek at someone else’s profile can rest easy and gossip without fear of being snitched. That’s because, so far, Instagram only allows business account owners to view the number of profile visitors. The feature is available in the “Instagram Insights” section, but it does not reveal the identity of the people who accessed the account.

There are some websites and apps that promise to satisfy curiosity and reveal the identity of stalkers. It is worth mentioning, however, that these services are not recognized by Instagram. To preserve the security of your account, do not provide social media login and password to platforms of suspicious origin.

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