“I’ve been wearing the same underwear for six days”, says angry passenger in Portugal

"I've been in the same underwear for six days"says angry passenger in Portugal
Moment when the Brazilian passenger reported the situation to the reporter
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Disgusted by flight cancellations at airports in Portugal, a Brazilian passenger reported the situation during a report by a Portuguese broadcaster and said that he has not changed his underwear for days. This weekend, Humberto Delgado airport was the scene of turmoil, as six flights were cancelled.

“My love, I didn’t take a shower, I stink, it’s absurd. My armpit stinks, and they do nothing, just nothing. They say ‘let’s solve it’. Give a boarding pass, cancel, give a flight, cancel”, he revolted.

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In addition, there were more cancellations during the day and the vast majority of flights are TAP. In a note, the airline explained that the suspension of air traffic on Friday (01) had consequences in the following hours, forcing changes to the entire operation and ensuring that “passengers are all protected with subsequent flights”.

“TAP is making every effort to ensure that the situation is normalized today until 6:00 pm/8:00 pm,” the company said.

ANA Aeroportos stated, however, that the case is not a problem of the airport, but of the airlines.

“Due to a set of constraints at several European airports, 65 canceled flights, 40 arrivals and 25 departures are planned for today”, they said.

Flight cancellations, combined with increased demand, have created long lines at airports, with many passengers complaining about the hours lost waiting for their luggage.

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