Juliette ends shows at São João 2022 in Caruaru, praises the culture of the interior of the Northeast and says: ‘I feel at home here too’ | Saint John 2022

The person responsible for closing the shows at Maior e Melhor São João do Mundo, in Caruaru, in the Agreste region of Pernambuco, was Juliette, from Paraíba. It was already dawn on Sunday (3) when the singer, a native of Campina Grande, took the stage at the Pátio de Eventos Luiz Lua Gonzaga.

To g1Juliette spoke about the rivalry between the two municipalities because of São João and highlighted the importance of both: “the two places bring us a lot of joy, many good things. I also feel at home here. So, I’m very proud of this culture that we shout to the four corners”.

Juliette, from Paraiba, ended the June festivities in Caruaru — Photo: Joalline Nascimento/g1

The former participant of BBB21 also said that this is not only her first performance in Capital do Forró, but also the first time she comes to the city. “I didn’t know Caruaru. All my friends said: ‘you have to go, you’re going to fall in love’. I came and I already fell in love when I arrived at the airport and I want to fall in love when I meet the public, who I know welcome me with open arms “, he pointed out.

“São João is part of me. I was trained in this culture, in this place. I want to show the world what we have”, added Juliette.

Juliette ends shows at São João 2022 in Caruaru

Juliette ends shows at São João 2022 in Caruaru

Asked what it was like to be Juliette forrozeira and now Juliette who is the main attraction of the June festivities, she joked: I’m dying of pity, because I can’t be there in the middle drinking cachaça and dancing forró, but now I see the other side, thrilling, chilling me all over. It’s very beautiful, I do the party from the top of the stage”.

Among the many “cacti” who came to watch the show in Caruaru from Paraíba, there was little Kauã Vitor, 7 years old. “I like Juliette because her music is good,” he told g1. The boy went to Pátio do Forró with his mother, the saleswoman Maria Aparecida. “He cried when Juliette won Big Brother. He likes the mamulengos from Mamusebá, but he chose to come to Juliette’s show to stay on the grid”, he concluded.

Kauã, 7 years old, is a fan of Juliette and went to Pátio de Eventos with his mother, Maria Aparecida, to watch the show from Paraíba, in Caruaru — Photo: Joalline Nascimento/g1

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