Luizão, voice of the dream car, is at risk of being evicted and asks for help

“I help so many people in social actions, but when you need them, everyone runs away. I’m floored”, so she vented Luiz Carlos de Paulathe “Luizão”, the dream car voice owner which is known in Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region. With financial difficulties, he runs the risk of being evicted from the residence he rents in the Uberaba neighborhood, in the capital of Paraná.

In 2015, Tribuna do Paraná told the story of Luizão, who, with his voiceover work and even maintenance and renovation services in general, became known for the catchphrase, “Hello parish, it’s the dream car that is passing by”. However, despite his fame and being recognized by his voice, a problem with the car in which he delivers dreams derailed his plans. “Three months ago, I was without a car and couldn’t work anymore. Without work, I lost my income. My situation is complicated and I have debts”, Luizão reported.


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Without working, Luizão was unable to pay the rent on the house and in the last few days he received news from the owner that he would be evicted. “I got a car to work, but it’s very recent. I have until Sunday (03) to get it right, otherwise I’ll be evicted. I never thought I would go through this in my life,” said Luiz.

Want to help?

To help Luizão in this difficult time, he needs a property near Uberaba with two bedrooms and a garage. “I need the person to ‘hold’ the entry forward, I’m already working and I’ll have the money for the next few days. Also, anyone who needs painting can get in touch. I do a little bit of everything”, reinforced the man with the voice of the dream.

If you want to collaborate with Luizão financially or even offer a service, the contact is (41) 9997-96853. That same number is the PIX. Collaborate!

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