Meeting with the mayor is Flamengo’s ‘first step’ to understand the feasibility of its own stadium

The first step on a long road: this is how the meeting between Rodolfo Landim and Eduardo Paes (PSD), mayor of Rio de Janeiro, who will deal with the interests of the Flamengo in the design of its own stadium. The meeting was proposed by the Gávea club, which, encouraged by the “Maracana problem”, seeks a viable solution. The conversation, which was supposed to be on Thursday, was rescheduled for Sunday.

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The “dream of their own stadium” is an old one in Flamengo. From the renovation of Gávea to the interest in land on Avenida Brasil (remember here), the agenda is old among managers and fans, but it gains strength after the club, as a Maracanã concessionaire next to Fluminenseto clash with Justice after vetoing Vasco’s game and having the decision revoked by the Justice of Rio de Janeiro this week.

However, on May 31, the board published a statement regarding news about a possible interest in building a football stadium in the area of ​​the Olympic Park: “Flamengo makes it clear that this is another of the many lies that are circulating about the club “.

In the same note, the club reaffirmed “total desire to continue being the concessionaire of Maracanã, the true home of the Nation”, as it did this Friday, when formalize the terms of the partnership agreement with Fluminense to participate in the next bidding process from the Rio stage.

The perception that the Maracanã, as a public good and symbol of the city and the country, will always have “political weight” is one of the arguments of those who defend, in Gávea, the advancement of the project of their own stadium, despite the difficulties and the identification with Maraca.

Olympic Park

Cariocas Arenas 1, 2 and 3 of the Olympic Park (F: Renato Sette Camara)


Built in 2012 and one of the venues of Rio-2016, the Olympic Park is an area of ​​1.1 million m², in Barra da Tijuca, in which there are several sports structures. The management of the space and arenas is currently under the responsibility of the Federal Government, the City of Rio de Janeiro and the Rio Mais Consortium, formed by the construction companies Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez and Carvalho Hosken.

The Special Secretariat for Sport, linked to the Federal Government, manages Arenas Carioca 1 and 2 and the Olympic Tennis Center.

The velodrome returns to the management of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall in August, and will host sporting events and the Olympic Museum, according to Paes. toilet.

Arena do Futuro, which hosted handball at the Olympic Games, is being dismantled by the City Hall for the construction of four municipal schools, while Arena Carioca 3 is also being adapted as a school, according to the Mayor Eduardo Paes.

The other areas and infrastructure belong to the Rio Mais Consortium, which won the PPP model (public-private partnership).

If there is a viable project for the construction of a stadium on the site, the negotiation of Flamengo will have to take place with the Consortium.

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The role of City Hall, in this sense, would be authorizations, licenses and other diverse endorsements to be given – which Eduardo Paes has already publicly expressed his willingness to help the club in the project.

– I will be with President Landim in the next few days. I will understand what the project is. I think it’s great that Flamengo has a stadium in Rio de Janeiro, I authorize anything. The only thing I told him is that the Olympic Park does not belong to the City Hall, it is private. If Flamengo buys the area, it’s a really cool space to build a stadium. If it’s up to me, there’s a stadium for everyone, especially Flamengo – said the mayor, during a broadcast on Instagram.

Among the various analyzes to be made by the club regarding the feasibility of building its own stadium, the meeting with Mayor Eduardo Paes is just a first step for Flamengo.

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