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Mega Sena
Mega-Sena rose from R$43.5 million to R$55 million (photo: Reproduction/Box)

Nobody hit the six scores of Mega-Sena 2497, with a prize of R$ 43.5 million on Saturday night (2/7). The numbers drawn were 05 – 14 – 23 – 46 – 48 – 52.

According to Caixa, 87 bets scored five points and will receive from R$ 42,861.28 on the corner. The court pays R$844.35 to 6,309 players.

Mega’s accumulated value rose to R$55 million in contest 2498, to be determined on Wednesday (7/6), at Espaço da Sorte Loterias Caixa, in So Paulo.

Anyone who wants to compete can play the games at lottery houses or electronic channels (Loterias Caixa website or app), by logging in with a CPF and a six-digit password.

The ticket with six dozen Mega costs R$ 4.50. Online payment is made via credit card, with combos from R$30.00 and a limit of R$945.00.

probabilities and values

According to Caixa, the chance of a single bet, of R$ 4.50, hitting the six numbers of the Mega-Sena is 1 in 50,063,860.

If the person chooses to score more tens, the prospect of winning the prize increases, as does the value of the card. A game with 15 numbers costs BRL 22,522.50, with a probability of success of 1 in 10,003.

Number of tens – bet amount – probability

  • 6 numbers – R$ 4.50 – 1 in 50,063,860
  • 7 numbers – R$ 31.50 – 1 in 7,151,980
  • 8 numbers – R$ 126.00 – 1 in 1,787,995
  • 9 numbers – R$ 378.00 – 1 in 595,998
  • 10 numbers – R$ 945.00 – 1 in 238,399
  • 11 numbers – R$ 2,079.00 – 1 in 108,363
  • 12 numbers – R$ 4,158.00 – 1 in 54,182
  • 13 numbers – R$ 7,722.00 – 1 in 29,175
  • 14 numbers – R$ 13,513.50 – 1 in 16,671
  • 15 numbers – BRL 22,522.50 – 1 in 10,003

Prize redemption

Mega prizes can be redeemed at any accredited lottery house or Caixa branches. Amounts above R$ 1,903.98 will only be released at the bank, upon presentation of an identity document with CPF and wager receipt.

Transfers of amounts equal to or greater than BRL 10,000.00 will take place within a minimum period of two days after the winner’s presence at the branch.

If the player plays online, he will have the option of receiving through the Mercado Pago app, with a maximum value of R$ 1,903.98.

If you think it’s better to go to a lottery unit, you will need to carry the printed receipt of the bet and the six-number redemption code, generated by the Loterias Caixa portal, valid for 24 hours.

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