Monash University has Scholarships Up to 100%

Australian Monash University is currently accepting applications for scholarships of up to 100% for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The program is aimed at international students with leadership potential who are willing to be ambassadors for the institution during the period of the scholarships.

The grants cover 100% of tuition fees and are valid for all undergraduate and graduate programs, with the exception of medical and MBA degrees. In addition, undergraduate scholars must participate in the university’s leadership program, Monash Minds.

Monash is a public institution and the largest university in Australia by size. It is considered one of the 100 best in the world by the QS Ranking and has a strong international presence and research tradition.

How to apply for scholarships

Scholarship selection criteria are based on academic merit, which means that academic records and extracurricular activities will be evaluated during the process. To apply, you must first pass one of the programs offered by Monash. All application steps for international students can be found here.

The fee to apply for the Monash application is 100 Australian dollars. The documents and information required for registration are:

  • Course code;
  • Course name;
  • Course start date;
  • campus;
  • Copy of the specific documents required by each course (certificates, related works, etc.);
  • Copy of passport;
  • English certificate;
  • Official English transcripts of documents;

After receiving the acceptance letter for the desired program, the student must complete the specific “application” form for the scholarships, which can be accessed here.

See here for more information about 100% scholarships. In addition to this program, the university offers smaller scholarships of up to AUD 50,000. Application dates for grants come several times a year. The next application periods close on April 15th and July 30th.

*The text “Scholarships of up to 100% for Monash University, Australia” was originally published on the Estudar Fora portal, of Fundação Estudar.

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