Most parents would like mental health services to be offered in schools

Brazilian parents of children are concerned about their children’s psychological care, according to research conducted by Pearson, a global learning company.

According to the survey, 96% of parents of school-age children preferred schools to offer free mental health services. The Brazilian index was higher than the world average.

So, understand in this article why those responsible for children would like mental health services to be offered in schools.

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Parents want children to have access to mental health services in schools

More than 8,000 respondents from Brazil, China, India, the UK and the US participated in the Pearson study. 92% of respondents across the five countries where the survey was conducted would like schools to provide mental health services for children.

What motivates this desire?

According to Juliano Costa, Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Pearson, this increase in demand for mental health services is a result of the covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, both parents and students want topics related to mental and psychological well-being not only discussed, but also put into practice in learning environments, explains the vice president.

Among the data collected by the survey, 67% of Brazilians believe that children should be exposed to wellness and mental health programs and resources during their first years of school. Additionally, 93% of Brazilians said they are more likely to choose colleges that care about their students’ mental health. This rate is 90%, according to a global survey.

Bill to create mental health week in schools

The proposal to establish a week dedicated to mental health in public and private elementary and high schools will be kept for consideration by the Chamber of Deputies (PL 542/2021). The main reason for creating this article, which the Senate approved on March 31, is to increase the channel for disseminating reliable information to provide clarification on the matter for young people.

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