Paraná turns on Nova Iguaçu and guarantees classification in Series D

Paraná sought a turnaround in the second half. Photo: Oscar Felipe / Paraná Clube

After leaving behind the scoreboard, the Paraná Clube reacted and won the New Iguaçuin Rio de Janeiro, by the score of 2 to 1, in a game valid for the 12th round of Series D. With the result, Tricolor guaranteed its classification to the next stage. Everton Brito and Iacovelli scored for the paranistas, while Luã Lucio scored the visitors’ goal.

the commanders of Omar Feitosa reached 22 points and can no longer leave the G-4 of group seven. The team can also guarantee vice-leadership if the Portuguese-RJ don’t win the round. The Tricolor returns to the field against St Bernardnext Saturday (10), away from home.

Paraná controls the first stage, but gets a goal in the end

Paraná started the game more incisively and sought to pressure the visitors. The team was looking for plays on the sides of the field, with good support from the sides. Until, in the 12th minute, Tricolor had its first great chance to open the scoring. After absence charged by André Krobel, Rafael Silva headed for the goalkeeper’s defense and, on the rebound, Carlos Henrique ended up on the beam.

the commanders of Omar Feitosa took danger from set pieces, one of their main strengths in competition. Nova Iguaçu, on the other hand, positioned itself in its defense field and tried to contain the paranist onslaughts. With more possession of the ball, Tricolor had difficulties finding spaces in the opponent’s field with the ball rolling.

When it seemed that there was no time for anything else, Nova Iguaçu managed to escape and Luã Lucio hit a great finish to open the scoring. The goal was a punishment for Paraná, which had control of the actions in the first stage, but with little objectivity. So, the Laranjão took the lead at the break.

Tricolor is more intense, reacts and turns the match

Dissatisfied with the offensive performance, Feitosa put Gabriel Correia in the vacancy of Carlos Henrique, around the break. Tricolor came back better for the second stage and was more intense. And after two minutes, Vinicius Kiss advanced on the right side and crossed to Everton Britofirst, tie the game. This was the striker’s third goal in the competition..

The technician from Paraná chose to advance the team’s lines and, thus, suffocated Nova Iguaçu. At 20 of the game, Feitosa made two more changes: Iacovelli and Ueslei Brito entered the vacancies Rafael Silva and Marcelinho. Thus, at a time when the visitors were starting to return to the match, Tricolor tried to regain intensity and speed.

Then, at 35 minutes, Feitosa was awarded for the change. After a good crossing by Krobel, Iacovelli headed well and turned the game around for Paraná. With chances of leaving the G-4 of group seven, Laranjão tried to react and rehearsed a final pressure. However, Tricolor defended well and knew how to hold the advantage. Game over: 2 to 1,

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