PM who killed sister in RJ screams at police station: “I want her back”

Rio de Janeiro military police officer Rhillayne Oliveira de Mello is being held in the Special Prison Battalion (BEP) of the corporation, in Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio.

She is accused of shooting to death her own sister, Rhayna Mello (featured image), 23 years old, this Saturday morning (7/2), in the neighboring municipality of São Gonçalo, after an argument at a gas station after a party. She was arrested by her husband, who is also a PM.

Before being taken to the battalion, the soldier testified at the Niterói Homicide Police Station on Saturday afternoon. According to a report in the newspaper O Globo, outside the police station it was possible to hear the PM shouting: “I want her back”.


The circumstances of the murder are being investigated. According to the information available so far, the sisters started arguing in a transport app car as they left a party in São Gonçalo and continued fighting when they arrived at the gas station, where there were more people drinking and listening to music.

After the fight, Rhillayne, who is crowded at the 7th BPM (São Gonçalo), would have separated from her sister, but returned with the gun and fired several shots.

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