Procon-SP finds a drop of R$ 0.30 in gasoline

A survey by Procon-SP shows that the price of a liter of gasoline had an average reduction of R$ 0.30 in the state. The drop was observed on June 28 and 29, after Governor Rodrigo Garcia announced the reduction of ICMS on gasoline from 25% to 18%.

“I believe that we are one of the categories that most perceive these variations, because the price of gasoline directly influences our profit”, says Ana Paula Aparecida de Oliveira, who works as an app driver. “This week, I put in the same amount of fuel as usual and managed to drive more, because the liter is cheaper.”

According to her, the value of fuel affects the work of application drivers on several fronts. So that profit doesn’t decrease so much when fuel is more expensive, many resort to longer working hours or drive in specific regions and times to make more gains. “The price reflects not only on my earnings, but also on my security and the way I have to work,” she says. “The app pays a higher dynamic price for rides in more dangerous regions, for example, because drivers tend to refuse.”

Another person who felt the price drop in his pocket was Lenaildo de Souza Dias, a taxi driver in São Paulo for 20 years. “I use an average of R$100 to R$150 a day to fill up. With the lower price, we can run the same amount of kilometers spending less, which helps a lot in the daily rate at the end of the day. It helps everyone who works with a vehicle,” he said.

President of the Association of Application Drivers of São Paulo (Amasp), Eduardo Lima de Souza warns, however, that the situation is not stable. “Our concern is that, while the government is making a gigantic maneuver for this reduction, the dollar is still in activity in connection with oil. If the dollar increases, we will pay what we were paying before.”

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