Senate bill wants to increase savings profitability

A project to increase profitability of savings is under analysis in the Senate. The idea is to implement a minimum income percentage floor for banks to pay customers. The text provides that banks can pass on a higher percentage as a way of attracting more public.

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The project is authored by Senator Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE) and proposes the amendment of Law 8,177, of 1991. The measure, according to the senator, does not change the current criteria. It just transforms the percentages into a floor.

Savings profitability

In this way, if “the financial institution wants to offer more advantageous rates to its depositors, it can pay a percentage to be added to the basic and additional remuneration of savings”, explains the senator and author of the project.

Also according to the text, the additional will last for at least three months. After that, it is up to the financial institution whether or not to keep the additional payment.

The bank may stop making the surcharge after this period, as long as it informs the depositor in advance. The deadline is up to the 10th day prior to the effective date of the modification.

According to information released by Agência Senado, the measure in force establishes that the income from savings is constituted by the remuneration basiccorresponding to the Reference Rate and the additional remuneration – 0.5% per month, if the Selic rate is greater than 8.5% per year or 70% of the Selic rate in other situations.

Also according to the project, the Central Bank will be responsible for limiting the percentage of extra compensation. The measure seeks to avoid aggressive fundraising policies that can cause imbalances in institutions’ balance sheets.

Although today there are already more profitable options than savings in Brazil, at least 67 million people have money saved in their account, that is, it is still the most traditional in Brazil.

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