‘These are things in life’, says reporter who went live with son on his lap

During the live broadcast, Felipe Kieling appeared with his one-year-old son on his lap.

During the live broadcast, Felipe Kieling appeared with his one-year-old son on his lap. Photo: YouTube/Radio BandNews FM

the journalist Felipe Kielingcorresponding to BandNews FM in London, went viral this week on social media after going live in the newspaper holding her son on her lap.

He explained that little Lucas couldn’t go to daycare. As his wife was at an important meeting and they don’t have family members who live nearby, it was necessary to take the child to work. The reporter defended that scenes like the one he experienced are more common.

“These are things in life, we need to talk about these issues so that they are normal. And I even asked myself: ‘If I were a mother, in my case, would it have gone so viral? Or does society already expect the mother to do more?’ . It’s something that I think we have to talk about and normalize”, he said in an interview with the magazine parents & children.

Felipe said that he was not nervous during the situation, but he knew that unforeseen events could occur. “I was with Lucas, if he cried I couldn’t ignore it. I never ignore things that happen live.”

“I actually think the best thing to do is show reality. [Lucas] was agitated, wanting to pick up my headset and I kept talking, trying to keep my concentration on getting the information out,” he added.

And it wasn’t the first time Lucas appeared on television. In August of last year, with just one month to live, the baby went live and shared the screen with the journalist. José Luiz Datena.

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