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Singer Vitão has been the victim of attacks on social media since he revamped his appearance, bringing a new visual identity to your personality. This Saturday (2), a video posted by Vitão on his Instagram profile went viral on social media, with a hairstyle well known by the name of “Maria-Chiquinha”.

A profile of celebrities on the same social network, decided to share the images, and in the comments, netizens filled the post with prejudiced criticism directed at Luísa Sonza’s ex-boyfriend.

When faced with criticism against his friend, Anitta made a point of leaving her comment on the post, showing solidarity with the singer and rejecting the attacks against Vitão: “What an asshole comment. How many stupid people in this world. Rock it, Vito”, praised Anitta. Also on social media, netizens praised the attitude of the owner of the hit “Envolver”:

“This is already stalking the old guy! Merciful Jesus! have pity on this world of wicked people”lamented an internet user who agreed with Anitta’s defense post. “Okay, now there’s even someone else’s hairdo inspector”, wrote another, defending the singer Vitão. “Guys, leave people alone. The guy wears whatever he wants. A nasty habit of living criticizing others. They will mind their own business.” advised another netizen.

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It is worth remembering that in the last month of May, Vitão gave an interview declaring that he was rediscovering his sexuality: “I don’t know exactly where I fit in. Until then I always saw myself as a straight man, I always liked women, but more and more I understand that maybe sex is more than just that. I’ve been understanding myself in other ways, relating to different people and that’s a lot of it”, he revealed in an interview with GQ magazine.

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