Vítor Pereira ‘twisted his nose’ for Mantuan loan

Striker Gustavo Mantuan was one of the boys that coach Vítor Pereira insisted on keeping in the Corinthians squad. until the end of the season. However, the home silver was loaned to Zenit, from Russia, so that Timão would have the forward Yuri Alberto.

Initially, the Corinthians coach was not in favor of the idea, but he had to be convinced by the Corinthians board that the deal was advantageous for the club.

After the departure of Jô, who amicably parted ways with the alvinegra team, the idea was that Timão would go to the market in search of a striker, but without much optimism that he would get a name ready to arrive and play, due to the lack of national options. and lack of funds to search for an athlete abroad.

The opportunity to have Yuri Alberto, then, filled the eyes of the Corinthian leadership, but the greater cost was the release of one of the most promising assets and currently on the biggest growth line, which was Mantuan.

Understanding that he would not be able to get a striker as qualified as Yuri for the rest of the season, Vítor Pereira gave the go-ahead for the continuation of the agreement, even ‘turning his nose up a little’.

The deal with Zenit is celebrated by a good part of the Corinthians backstage, which sees the deal as spectacular, since the understanding is that Timão will have one of the main strikers in Brazil today at no cost and can still profit from the duo Ivan and Mantuan, which has a value fixed at 5 and 10 million euros (R$ 27.5 and 82.7 million, at the current price), respectively.

Now, only two ‘protected by VP’ remain: Du Queiroz and Adson. The first is monitored by Lyon, from France, but without a proposal until then. The Corinthians board, however, has already assured that shirt 37 will stay. The second, so far, has not become a target for any club in Europe.

In turn, defender João Victor should leave Timão in the mid-year transfer window, which opened this Friday (1st) in most countries. The athlete’s departure to Porto, from Portugal, is on track, but in this case, Vítor did not object. Not because he doesn’t like the player, but he’s known for some time that the black-and-white club would have to get rid of some asset by the end of the season to hit the sales target, and João was one of the ones with the most potential to generate a good profit for the Corinthians coffers.

Mantuan will stay at Zenit on loan until June next year, as will goalkeeper Ivan, who was also loaned to the Russian club. During the same period Yuri Alberto will play for Corinthians. The fixed value of the striker is 20 million euros (R$ 110.1 million, at the current price).

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