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Eddie Munson’s landmark moment in Stranger Things season 4 is packed by “Master of Puppets”

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[Atenção: Texto contém spoilers de Stranger Things]

The second half of season 4 of Stranger Thingsbrought a crucial moment for Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). The character climbed atop his own trailer in The Upside Down with a guitar and amp to play a version of “Master of Puppets,” by Metallica.

The act was part of the strategy to defeat vecna, which has an army of bats to defend itself. Lulled by the sound of the album’s title track Master of Puppets(1986), Eddie scared the demonic creatures away from the villain.

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Why did Eddie choose Metallica?

The choice of music well reflects the character’s characteristics – who is a fan of thrash metal – as pointed out by Screen Rant. Despite this, there were other possible choices of hits released in 1986, such as Van Halen’s “Dreams” and Europe’s “The Final Countdown.”

The lyrics of “Master of Puppets” may have been decisive in the writers’ choice of Stranger Things. James Hetfield, the band’s leader, talks about the loss of control and the use of drugs in the music. The dark verses match the menacing atmosphere of the Upside Down.

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“‘Master of Puppets’ deals with drugs. Since things are turned upside down, instead of you taking over and doing it, the drugs control you,” the singer said of the track in an interview with Trasher Magazine.

The struggle for control is also a recurring theme in the series, as the group of Eddie seeks to maintain mastery of the Upside Down.

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