After 27 months, the offer for flights in the domestic market exceeds the value recorded in the pre-pandemic period – Acorda Cidade

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The main indicators of air transport in the domestic market reached levels close to what was calculated before the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, as shown in the demand and supply report published last Friday, July 1, by the National Aviation Agency. Civil (Anac).

The offer per flight in the domestic market, measured by ASK (seat-kilometers offered), increased by 6% compared to May 2019. This was the first time, in this market, that one of the items in the report showed growth in relation to to the pre-pandemic period.

Passenger demand (RPK – paid passenger kilometers transported), in May this year, was 2.5% lower compared to the result obtained in the fifth month of 2019. In comparison with the same period last year, both indicators (ASK and RPK) registered increases of 87.6% and 71.5%, respectively. The number of paid passengers transported in the domestic market, which was 6.4 million in May, is now 10% lower than the total computed three years ago. Compared to last year’s data, however, growth was 75.8%.

The transport of cargo and paid mail, in May, was very close to the result seen in the same period of 2019, the reduction was 6.1%, with just over 36 thousand tons dispatched within the country this year. In relation to the numbers recorded last year, cargo transport grew by approximately 16.

Among the three main airlines in the country, Latam had the largest market share in the month, in terms of RPK, with 33.7%, followed by Azul, 33.3%, and Gol, 32.6%. Aircraft seat occupancy decreased by 8% compared to 2019 and 8.6% compared to the numbers recorded in 2021.

International market

Among the indicators measured in the international market, the transport of mail and paid cargo continues to break a record in tons transported. In May of this year, more than 88 thousand tons were shipped on international routes, the highest result for the month in 22 years — since the beginning of the historical series. In comparison with the same period of 2019 and 2021, the indicator increased by 24.7% and 1.8%, respectively.

In the fifth month of 2022, more than 1.2 million people traveled to international destinations, this was the largest passenger movement since February 2020. In relation to the data obtained in the same period in 2019, however, the reduction was 36 .5%.

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